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The Blue Army




Pals, both airmen, two officers argue among themselves and take the salute. They will however become brothers-in-law although despite many misunderstandings and jealousies, thanks to an aviation company will return friends.


Film notes


Country of production: The Blue Army

Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1932

Duration: 85 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Kind: Adventure

Director: Gennaro Righelli  

Subject: Aldo Vergano

Screenplay: Aldo Vergano, Thomas Smith

Manufacturer: Julius Lapointe for Cines film

Photography: Carlo Montuori, Giulio De Luca

Editing: Giorgio Simonelli

Music: Happy Montagnini

Art Director: Gasatone Medin





Germana Padman

Ennio Cerlesi

Leda Gloria

Guido Celano

Cesare Zoppetti

Giacomo Moschini

Giorgio Bianchi

Rosetta Calavetta

Gino Casey

Umberto Sacripante