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Ivo Illuminati

Ripastorne, 11 June 1882 – Rome 6 January 1963


Silent film pioneer, illuminati is rediscovered in the late 20th century.


Born in Ripatransone in 1882, he moved to Rome with his parents and two brothers in the wake of father servant on 26 February 1887. In the capital the Illuminati came into contact with the Lumière operators who imported from France baby girl film techniques and taught the young. The young Ivo became a student of Gaston Velle, Director of the production company Cines, learning the use of the black box to crank and the dosage of the lights. Between 1902 and 1913 he wrote many lever de rideau lasting between 2 and 5 minutes.This vast production of courts, while marginal relief, was launching the scene of numerous artists of mute: Matilde Di Marzio, Hesperia, Leda Gys, Diomira Jacobini, Jacobini, Fulvia Perini, Elvira Radaelli. 

In turn, the Illuminati was launched as an actor in 1914 by Emilio Ghione for Gespay, Jockey and gentleman. At the same time he debuted as a Director. The same year he directed in fact the maiden of Capri, a woman and Mom forgivesBetween 1915 and 1917 Illuminati established himself permanently turning other Leda in lovewhen spring returned, under the wing of death after the barrage,the Kings, the towers, the bishops ,Emir, circus horse . The latter are considered two of his best works. Decisive was the encounter with Lucio d'Ambra and the production company Medusa in 1916.

The partnership was short lived, and in 1917 Illuminati headed the enemy for the movie Milan. Silentium After the great success of Automartirio, the same year, the Director began a very intense period but somewhat frustrating, for the systematic slating received by a critique now more attentive to import American cinema.Often ran into censorship of the fascist regime, as in the sensational case of life is smoke, about 600 metres cut film. New attacks struck the other works of 1918, Tombola and the bloodline, although the first reveal an interesting neo-realist vein before its time (thanks to the choice of actors for the roles of second floor) and has made inroads into an audience which is also addressed to the cinematography from overseas. The years 1920 marked the moment of revocation in Illuminati career, both because of the advent of talkies that took him off guard, both for the premature death of Marguerite Salazar, actress for whom he had filmed three movies (coming back even before the camera in red dawn) and of which he was deeply in love. In 1921 he directed three more films, the last of which, Selika, miraculously found at the Cineteca Nazionale in Rome (unlike most of the production of Illuminati, now lost). Now excluded from Minculpop and wrong-footed by the sound, Ivo Illuminati adapted to work as an Assistant Director, emerging at the end of 1930 with Giuseppe Verdi di Carmine Gallone, who was honored at the Venice Film Festival. In 1941 he turned out his last movie, although the Ministry of popular culture he laid the collaboration of the German Hans Hinrich. By Ivo Illuminati, the Cineteca Nazionale retain copy restored by Selika (1921) and the Gotthard, Carter officially presented at the Venice Film Festival of 2011, Recently, however, the rediscovery of Tragic Conference (of which went thoughlost third reel) kept in the EYE, the Nederlands Film museum in Amsterdam, premiered in Italy at the Film Festival in Bologna in 2013.


He died forgotten in Rome in 1963.





1914/ Red flame

1914/ Hiker

1914/ For my daughter!

1914/ Tragic confession

1914/ The Ghost Tower

1914/ The Maiden of Capri

1914/ A woman

1915/ Tragic Conference

1915/ To save him!

1915/ Mom ... Forgiveness!

1915/ Cursed gold

1915/ Under the wing of death

1915/ Not to die

1915/ Leda in love

1915/ The modern Knights

1916/ When spring returned

1916/ The mask of love  

1916/ After the burst

1917/ Automartirio

1916/ King, towers, bishops

1917/ Mir circ horseor

1917/  The Enemy

1918/ Life is smoke

1918/ Mariloucerteza 

1918/ Bingo

1918/ Giflée

1919/ Eva

1919/ Miracle of love

1919/ Papa excellence

1919/ Speck

1919/ A secret in the kiosk

1920/ Red dawn 

1920/ The mystery of the American

1920/ Dancing nemesis

1920/ The filter of Circe 

1921/ Selika

1921/ The mask

1921/ Joan the pale

1921/ Come I love you

1921 / Favilla

1921/ Like I love you

1923/ The Shadow Inn

1935/ The air of the continent -writer

1940/ Italian legend -writer

1941/ The Carter of the Gotthard - Co- Director

1940/ Italian legend -writer

1941/ The Carter of the Gotthard -Co-Director