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The Devil



Country of Production : Italy

Year: 1963

Duration: 105 min

Color: Black and White

Genre: Dramatic

Director/Subject/Screenplay: Brunello Rondi

Producer: Ugo Gerra, Federico Magnaghi, Luciano Martino

Production Company : Les Film Marceau

Distribution: Titanus

Photograph: Carlo Bellero

Editing by Mario Serandrei

Music: Piero Piccioni

Set design: Andrea Fantacci

Costumes: Anna Maria Palleri



Performers and Characters



Daliah Lavi as Purif

Frank Wolf as Antonio

Anna Maria Aveta as Sister Angela

Dario Dolci as Don Tommaso

Franco Mazzoni as Mother Superior

Maria Teresa Orsini as Tata

Rossana Rovere as Antonio's wife



The purified peasant is desperate because the man she loves, Antonio, is promised to another. After being rejected several times by him, Purified throws him against the evil eye and flees. But she is being chased and hunted down by the whole country who holds her responsible for a catastrophe and after capturing her, people take her to church for exorcism.




Filming was filmed in Matera and Miglionico