The commander




Colonel Antonio Cavalli (Totò), promoted general, must retire, but fails to adapt to civil life because he does not renounce his military mentality, not even in neighborly relations. Because he feels useless, he decides to work in an office. Meanwhile, he suffers from jealousy towards his wife (Andreina Pagnani) and will find out that she is the one who secretly pays him his salary. He will end up involved in the bad affairs of the real estate agency of two crooks, who using the good name of the general put up scams and scams. On the brink of jail, the general attempts suicide, but to get him out of trouble he will once again be his wife ...


Country of Production : Italy


Year : 1963


Language : Italian


Color : B / W


Genre : Drama


Directed by: Paolo Heusch


Subject / Screenplay : Rodolfo Sonego


Producer : Alberto Pugliese, Luciano Ercoli


Photography : Alvaro Mancori, Alessandro D'Eva


Editing : Licia Quaglia


Music : Piero Umiliani


Scenography : Nedo Azzini


Performers and characters


Totò : General Antonio Cavalli


Andreina Pagnani : Francesca Cavalli


Lina Alberti: Player at home


Fabrizio Fabrizi: Sandrelli


Britti Ekland : Iris


Luciano Marin: Franco Cavalli


Alberto De Amicis: Sandrelli's partner


Mario Castellani : Captain Castelletti


Peter Martell: A Soldier at the Farewell Ceremony