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The Knight of St. mark




During the Renaissance a young Venetian Patriot, Daniele Orsenigo, is on his way to deliver a very important document to the carbonari of Parma, during the trip stop at an Inn where he meets a fascinating woman who once seduced Orsenigo, subtracts the document and disappears.

The document was found by police the next day on the brother of Daniel, who is sentenced to death. Orsenigo flees, attempting to return to Venice, chased by the austro-Hungarian police, which it considers a conspirator.Back in his hometown, the young man discovers that the woman he fell in love with and who had embezzled the envelope is the daughter of the Governor of Venice.

The woman will try to help the young man, who had come to the bedside of his father. Now on his deathbed, he reveals to his son to be the "Knight of St. mark," leading figure of the Venetian Patriots against the oppressor austro-Hungarian Empire. That role, after his father's death, will be taken over by his son.


Film notes


Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1939

Duration: 75 min

Color: Black/White  

Audio: Sound

Kind: Drama, History

Director: Gennaro Righelli

Subject: Alessandro De Stefani

Screenplay: Edoardo Anton, Renato Castellani, Alessandro De Stefani

Manufacturer: Renato Cogliati Dezza

Studio: Juventus Movie

Distribution: Associated Artists

Photograph: Domenico Scala

Editing: Gennaro Righelli

Music: Cesare A. Bixio, Franco Casavola

Art Director: Alfredo Malik

Costume Design: Gino Carlo Sahar

Makeup: Archangel Aversa




Mario Ferrari

Paola Dria

Laura Nucci

Romolo Costa

Sandro Ruffini

Renato Cialente

Vanna Vanni 

Augusto Di Giovanni

Michele Malaspina