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The Bandit/1946



Duration: 87 minutes

Colour: B/w

Kind: Drama

Directed by: Alberto Lattuada

Assistant Director : Aldo Buzzi

Manufacturer: Luigi Rovere, Dino De Laurentis

Photography: Aldo Tonti Giovanna Fontana

Editing: Mario Bonotti

Music: Felice Lattuada

Scenography: Luigi borzone



Interpreters and characters


Amedeo Nazzari : Ernesto

Anna Magnani: Lydia

Carla Del Poggio: Maria

Carlo Campanini: Charles Pandelli

Eliana Banducci: Rosetta Pandelli 

Mimo Doro: Mirko

Folco Lulli: Andrea

Mario Perrone : The Hunchback

Amato Garbini: The owner of the brothel

Gianni Appelius : Calligaris, said Miss

Ruggero Madrigali : the slave vulture




After years of war and after his imprisonment in Germany, Ernesto returns to Italy, Turin and finds a devastated city: his house is no longer there, his mother and from what he learns, even his sister Mary are dead. Discouraged, without work, he meets on his way more selfishness and indifference than help. The only consolation is to write to the brotherly friend Charles, with whom he shared the days of captivity, and her daughter to him, Rosetta, which considers him an uncle by marriage. The streets of Turin by night, a ghostly and all sorts of Wheeler-dealers trafficker, Ernesto notices a pretty girl and decides to follow her: shortly after you set in a brothel and finds out that woman who had followed his sister Mary who was believed dead, and that you are given prostitution under the name Iris. Distraught, she would take her with him, but the two encounter in the holder of the brothel with which a violent struggle. An accidental gunshot hit mortally Maria. Ernesto, taken by the ira, it reacts by killing the man and becoming a bandit followed closely by law enforcement. Fleeing and wounded, escapes for just the capture, finding hiding place in the House of Lidia, a cynical and busty woman of the world met a few hours earlier. Ernesto becomes the lover and accomplice of the woman and is recruited as a member of the gang that she is heading along with Mirko, the other lover. Thus began a life of robbery and crimes, but also moments of humanity, which will bring the spoils to the poor Ernesto to donate a robbery carried out during the new year's Eve and send gifts to Charles and rose. In an attempt to flee across the border, the gang is betrayed by Lidia, and finds himself surrounded by police. The Criminals leave their car and assaulting another, killing the driver. Ernesto recognizes the girl fainted, sitting in the passenger seat, the grand daughter Rosetta. Decides to give up running off with the accomplices to drive home the baby, but prefer not to be like Uncle Ernesto, given his status as a Bandit. Near the House, takes his leave from the baby while you are away, caught and killed by the police. After that Charles, who rushed on site, review modified the face of that man vet, who became a Bandit, but still with a heart of gold.