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Martyrs of Italy




The film looks at the most remarkable events in the history of Italy, exalting, in their simple and concise Exposition, the heroic deeds of the martyrs and Great. From Dante to D'Annunzio from Balilla to Garibaldi, from Pietro Micca to Cesare Battisti, Cesare Balbo to Silvio Pellico, from Masaniello in Santorre di Santarosa, by Federico Confalonieri to fratelli Cairoli, until the great war and to March on Romethat concludes this epopee. The chorus of Nabucco and patriotic songs underscore the cinematic action.



  Film notes 


 Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1927

Duration: 85 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Mute

Kind: Historical Drama

Director: Domenico Gaido

Subject: Luigi Collino

Screenplay: Domenico Gaido

Production company: SAS Pittaluga

Photography: Ubaldo Arata, Massimo Terzano

Art Director: Giulio Lapointe





Elena Lunda: Elena Sciesa

Teresa Marangoni

Franz Hall

Vasco Creti

Umberto Mozzato

Gian Paolo Rosmino

Felice Minotti

Joseph Brignone