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The Basilisks 





The small province as shelter from the world and the responsibilities, refuge for young people who grew up in sloth without the shred of an ideal or an objective that is not that of a decent survival. Francesco, Sergio and Antonio are three privileged young people who live in a typical provincial village, Minervino Murge located between Puglia and Basilicata: The film is the portrait of their lives, now too imbued with apathy and provincialism, to be able to make themReally want to fly to more challenging destinations. In fact, when one day the aunt of Antonio listless University student will offer him to go to live with her in Rome. Transferring the inscription from the University of Bari to that of the capital, after a short time he will renounce and return to the country, unable to abandon prejudices, common places and rituals of the native province, now irreversibly rooted in his being.




The cast is part of the actor Antonio Petruzzi, in the role of Tony. Lina Wertmuller also makes the voice of numerous secondary characters of this film.


Lina Wertmuller, after the experience as assistant director of Federico Fellini for the film "Eight and a half", debuts as director with the film I Basilischi, which also takes care of the subject and the screenplay, and turns the film in a country located on the Murgia Pugliese, at the border With Basilicata, Minervino Murge. The scenes of the film were filmed almost entirely in the Apulian municipalities of Minervino Murge and Spinazzola and in Basilicata in the municipality of Palazzo San Gervasio. The director for this film won the "Vela D'argento" at the Locarno Festival in 1963 and won prizes-later also in London and Taormina.