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Gregorio Napoli

Palermo, August 1934 – April 2, 2010



He graduated in law in 1956, after writing the journals Palermo University and Cinema Courier, began in 1958 professional collaboration of the week TomorrowFrom 1963 became the film critic of the daily Telestar.Contributor to the Giornale di Sicilia from 1965 has worked with numerous other magazines ( Cinema Notebooks, Film selection, culture of the imageCinemasud )He was a founder of the national syndicate of Italian film critics, has published several books of criticism and film history, including planet Cinema

As himself took part in several films, including the anger of Louis Black, Arrùso, How we went to the cinema Italian and The Return of Cagliostro of Ciprì and Maresco, South Side Story by Roberta Torre, called him Lansquenet of Nicholas Palmeri.


Published editions



1986/ Planet cinema, 1895 – 1985, Agrigento, Research Center for fiction and film

1998/ The cinema of Goodnights, Palermo, Kubos

2008/ Black AlNero, identification, Louis Black, an independent filmmaker, Taranto, barbers, savages

2010/ Magic lantern, Samsung Omnia 7 priced and poetry at the Lido between dream and needSalerno Bookprint

2011/ Catherine, a filmmaker all-out, Ragusa, South Pictures editions