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Giuseppe Rinaldi

Rome, 14 September 1919 – 15 December 2007




He debuted in cinema with the comedy Department stores, directed by Mario Camerini, towards the end of the forties is dedicated to dubbing. He married twice: first to actress, Marina Dolfin, with whom he had two sons Max and Antonella second time to actress Maria Pia Casilio, with whom he had a daughter, Francesca. In 1995 he was awarded the prize for voice actors Lectern d'Oro alla carriera. Until 1997, he died in Rome in 2007 at the age of 88 years.


Movie Dubbing



Paul Newman in torture, 4 women expect, the long hot summer, my love with Samantha, missiles in the garden, the outrage, when love is novel, the young Philadelphians, torn curtain, the Hustler, the sting, somebody up there I love, Bronx 41° police precinct, the Mackintosh man, intrigue in Stockholm, hell of Any, Hud, Hombre, war love and escape, cat on a hot tin roof, Rampaging, Exoduss, sweet bird of youth, Detective's Story, From the terrace, Lady L, Detective Harper: water in the throat, slap shot, right to Chronicle a handful of money, Harry & Son, a man today, the shadow of a thousand suns, the Lady and her husbands, the color of money, La vita a modo mio, Blaze , The Hudsucker proxy, Indianapolis infernal track.


Rock Hudson in come September, send me no flowers, warm eye of heaven, a girl to seduce, the rebel of Ireland, according to love, sword of Damascus, man's favorite sport, magnificent obsession, Tobruch, Pillow talk, The Trapeze, the vigil of the Eagles, duel to the death, The intercept of the South seas, a farewell to arms, land mine, the capitalist, gambling house, the captain of the Flying Moon, diabolical Operation, Like the wind, Dan the terrible, the son of Cochise, the Bengal Fusiliers, Battle Hymn of bend of the River, where, as before, Scarlet Angel, Ice Station Zebra, Amore ritorna!, Blindfold, Steals your neighbor, the Warriors of the wind, Embryo, The spiral road, and after I kill him, wolves attack the song, duel to the death, the captain of the South seas, a farewell to arms, land mine, the capitalist, gambling house, the Commander of the Flying Moon, Diabolical Operation, Like the wind, Dan the terrible, the son of Kocciss, the Fusiliers of the Bengal, Battle Hymn of bend of the River, where, as before, better than before, Scarlet Angel, Arctic Base, Zebra, love comes back!Blindfold, Ruba al prossimo tuo, the Warriors of the wind, Embryo, The spiral road, and after the kill, wolves attack in packs, duel to the death, The sparrow hawks Strait, the diary of a convict.


Jack Lemmon in just married: feel cordoglianze, Phffft ... and love deflates, prisoner of Second Avenue, front page, towners, save the Tiger, sorry can I borrow your husband?, China syndrome, Off Limits-Forbidden to military, a strategy in paradise, the odd couple, under the yum yum tree, The nava Messier--the army, the town house, the days of wine and roses, the girl of the century, how to murder your wife, Tribute – evening of honor, macaroni, not for money ... but for money, some like it hot, Airport ' 77, the condo, beware of widows, Buddy, what happened between my father and your mother? Cowboy, fire down below, the great race, Irma la Douce, my wife prefers her husband, Luv It means love?, So is life, Missing, Groundhog Day poor, America today, Americans, grumpy old men, That's amore.


Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther, a shot in the dark, the return of the Pink Panther, the Pink Panther Inspector Clouseau, trail of the Pink Panther, Dr. Strangelove or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb, Hi Pussycat, Oltre il giardino, Lolita, plush bedding, and fierce battles, James Bond 007 – Casino Royale, the prisoner of Zenda, Hollywood Party, the world of Henry Orient, The fiendish plot of Dr. Fu Manchu, or undress you or I'm reporting you, woman times seven, Hunting times, somebody up there awaiting me, the wrong arm of the law, tell me, where does it hurt?, the wrong box.


Van Johnson in the naïve archly, the last time I saw Paris, the tenor of the Rocky Mountains, command decision, the rebel bride, the valiant, Treacherous invitation, secret mission, my friend Kelly, Moon without honey, the island on Mountain, the adventurers of Plymouth, 23 steps from crime, the Caine Mutiny, Bastogne, the end of the adventure, the ride of terror, the Duchess of Idaho, suffered defeat, two girls and a sailor, mass Execution, made for love, Brigadoon, The Battle of Britain.


Marlon Brando in the two seducers, my body belongs to you, Sayonara, snakeskin, morituri, the Godfather, Missouri, Mission in the East – the ugly American, Queimada, suddenly, a man in the night, a dry white season, the two faces of vengeance, a Countess from Hong Kong, the Chase, the young lions, last Tango in Paris, Superman, the formula, the boss and the freshman, the brave, the lost island.


Frank Sinatra, in Sacred profane, someone will come, 4 for Texas, the Joker went wild, dangerous Investigation, the devil at 4, the kissing Bandit, Colpo grosso, ashes under the Sun, blow upon blow, Pal Joey, I go and kill women, male for sale, unnecessary Offenses, you're my destiny, Lady in cement.


Jeffrey Hunter in the frogmen, the King of Kings, seven cities of gold, a scream in the night, the longest day, the true story of Jesse James, The Virgin of the Valley, count to five and die, the damned and the heroes, the Princess of the Nile , First sin, Prisoners of the Marsh, a gun for a coward, In love and war, the circle of vengeance, Girls at the window, the King's Sailors.


Gleen Ford in Gazebo, Angels with guns, Cimarron, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, challenge over the Red River, survival of the fittest, hell on the fono, the fake General, Started with a kiss, three women for a Bachelor, the heartbreak Dad.


Richard Burton in the desert rats, the bride of the sea, the spy who came in from the cold, those two, the wild goose, 4 The Exorcist II-the heretic, Cleopatra, Alexander the great, Becket, the medusa touch, Vitoria amara, the Taming the Shrew.


Montgomery Clift in suddenly last summer, the Red River, the misfits, you shall not covet other's woman, mud on the stars, The defector, Freud – secret passions.


Gene Kelly in Werewolves, torpedoes of death, it's always fair weather, the cross of Lorenza, ... and man created Satan, Vertigo, Hollywood ... Hollywood.


George Peppard in Against 4 flags, the last Odyssey, the fall of Eagles, faces to hell, two stars in the dust, The carpetbaggers.


Charles Bronson in Stone's killer, borderline, there was a time in the West, the White Buffalo, Il giustiziere della notte, Joe Valachi, the secrets of the Cosa Nostra.


Rod Taylor, in the ambush, fireball red, Mongolia Destination, I'll cry tomorrow, stronger than love, separate tables, Stalag 17 – hell of the living, the outlaws Shane.


Gene Nelson in tea for two, three Americans in Paris, the College has fun, invisible barrier, Virginia, ten in love, blonde Females.


Edmund Purdom in the Egyptian, the mutiny, the prodigal son, the time of the crime, the Student Prince, Athena and the seven sisters.


John Agar in the Knights of the Northwest, Iwo Jima, desert of flames, running at sunset, the culprit is among us, revenge of the creature.


Louis Jourdan in Three coins in the fountain, the Swan, Women looking for love, Gigi, Madme Bovary, Save your life, Can-Can.


Kirk Douglas in night fighters, brotherhood, love I captured a Russian spy, the way West, first win.


Gregory Peck in Arabesque, the solitary of Rio Grande, the wild goose strikes again, other people's money.


Brian Keith in The Center of the hurricane, the cowboy with the Wedding Veil, run of the arrow, A Moody, hunters of Silver Lake.


Ricardo Montalbàn in Blackmail to three jurors, Sombrero, my man, merchants of men, Latin lovers, Fiesta.


Rory Calhoun in How to marry a millionaire, the desperados of the border is not sin, Blood on the River, the Colossus of Rhodes.


Dean Martin in kiss me, stupid, who was that Lady?, mission accomplished. Kisses matt Helm.


John Ericson in Green fire, damn day, Rhapsody, the yellow rose of Texas, Teresa


Peter Lawford in Happens in Brooklyn, on an island with you, believe me, in your arms


William Lundingan in the memoirs of a lady's man, Hell is for heroes, the mosaic of the crime.


Harry Guardino in the five pennies, fury and passion, hell is for heroes, the mosaic of the crime.


Richard Todd in the favorite of the great Queen, Normandy, stage fright, Robin Hood and his Merrie men.


Roger Moore in Diana the courtesan as well the fate, storm wind, the performers, the rape of the sabine women.


Max Von Sydow in Goal "Brass," three days of the Condor, the greatest story ever told, Dune.


Richard Long in Desire of dnna, the foreigner, double play, the Redcoats of Saskatchewan


Gig Young in the outpost lost 10 men in love, desperate hours, you're my destiny


Guy Madison in the final frontier, 5 against the Casino, the whip of the rider, fear of love


John Sutton in Follies in New York, the usurper, il Corsaro, the Earl of Essex


James Dean in rebel without a, East of Eden, the giant


Jacques Sernas in lost youth, hearts at sea, one hundred years of love, loving you is my SIN (sister Celeste), Helen of Troy, the first night


Alec Guinness in Lawrence of Arabia, Hitler's Last 10 Days, The Little Lord


Yves Montand in Sleeping Car for Assassins, The Great Sin, The Friend of 51/2,Let's Make Love


Lawrence Harvey in The Battle of the Alamo, Venus in Vision, Dirty Souls, The Cold-Nosed Spy.


Peter O’Toole in High Spirits – Fantasmi da legare, L’ultimo imperatore, Sua maestà viene da Los Angeles, Favole.


Yul Brynner in Solomon and the Queen of Saba, The Magnificent Seven, the return of the magnificent seven, Taras the magnificent.


Maximilian Schell in The Iron Cross, Winners and Losers, Call for the Dead, Krakatoa, East Java


William Holden in Alvarez Kelly,Sabrina, Soldiers on Horse, The Child and the Great Hunter


Michael Caine in And the night came, Alie, Funeral in Berlin, The Billion Dollar Brain


Christopher Plummer in All together passionately, Murder on Commission, Star Clashes


Richard Basehart in Titanic, 14th hour, the front of silence


Steve Forrest in The Doubt of the Soul, Without Scampo,Only for you I lived


Charlton Heston in Sierra Charriba, the agony and the ecstasy, save the Gray Lady, Khartoum


Richard Beymer in West Side Story, the longest day, In two is another thing


John Saxon in The big fisherman, the Unforgiven, portrait in black


Robert Cummings in Crime without sin, my geisha, The Southern Rose


Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. in The band of angels, the skies are crowded, Fury of love


Richard Widmark in Alarm State, Cheyenne autumn, two rode together


Farley Granger in The gates of hell, the fabulous Anderson, the story of three loves


Alan Ladd in The ruler of the sea, on charges of murder, the skin of the heroes


Richard Webb in The Diamond Cross, forgiveness, the night has a thousand eyes


John Cassavetes in Rosemary's Baby – Red Tape in New York, Crime in the street


Dirk Bogarde in  The wind cannot read, Ecstasy


Audie Murphy in The story of Tom Destry, beyond the river


John Dall in lump in my throat, the corn is green


Alex Nicol in Goodbye Mrs. Leslie, Eagles in the infinite


Vince Edwards in Contract Killer, armed robbery


Robert Webber in The word to jurors, The Gang de three States


Steve McQueen in The great escape, the bounty hunter


Richard Johnson in Gott mit a (God is with us), the adventures and loves of Moll Flanders


Sidney Poitier in The Garcia del falco, life runs on the thread


Lee Philips in Peyton's sinners, in the middle of the night


Jack Lord in Smuggling on the Mediterranean, The small field


Rod Steiger in The pawnbroker's man, Waterloo


Tab Hunter in Cordura, the girl I left behind


Jim Davis in The large ambush, The wild Horde


John Mills in The chalk garden, Goodbye, Mr. Chips!


Donald Sutherland in The night of the Eagle, a man, a woman and a bank


James Coburn in Your head down, the professional


Albert Finney in Murder on the Orient Express, Tom Jones


James Garner in Those two, that some are not that


Ray Milland in The  frontiers of hatred, the man with the x-ray eyes


Mike Connors in Jean Harlow, the woman who did not know love, When love has gone


Henry Silva in Five for the glory, the carrion of Inspector Sterling


David Tomlinson in Mary Poppins, bedknobs and broomsticks


Kerwin Mathews in Gulliver's travels, the 7th voyage of Sinbad


Tom Tryon in violent, Scarlet time, Cardinal


Russel Wade into the Hyena – man of midnight, fiction in the West


Larry Parks in Retaliation, the Renegades


George Segal in invitation to a shootout, the ship of fools


Arthur Franz in Steely Sharks, three secrets


Peter Finch in Flight of the Phoenix, the red tent


Tommy Rall in My sister, Evelina, seven brides for seven brothers


Omar Sharif in Doctor Zhivago, Mackenna's Gold


George Revers in Rings at sunset, gone with the wind


Stuart Whitman in The sound and the fury, the King of the Prairie


Jon Shepold in first line, stranger at home


Philippe Leroy in Sandokan, The Tiger and Still Alive: Sandokan at the Rescue!, the Soldier of Fortune


Robert Loggia in Prizzi's honor


Richard Attenborugh in Miracle in 34 º road


Henry Fonda in foolproof


Alan Bates in Hamlet


Anthony Hopkins, in The lion in winter


Tyrone Power in Witness for the prosecution


Jacques D'amboise in Seven brides for seven brothers


Fred Gwynne in My cousin Vinny


George Mikell at The Marauders of the Sahara


Dennis Weaver in The bridges at Toko-Ri


Robert Shaw in Battle of the bulge


Tetsuro Tamba in Agent 007-you only live twice


Clint Eastwood in A 44 Magnum for Dirty Harry


Craig Hill in The black shield of Falworth, Men at random


Joss Ackland in The Sicilian


Eddie Albert in The teahouse of the August Moon


Robert Alda in Rhapsody in blue


Anthony Looking into Burning passion


Herbert Anderson in Paths of glory


Richard Allan in Niagara


James Arness in In the name of God


Jean-Pierre Aumont in Day for night


Peter Baldwin in Maid in Rome, The Woman of the Lake


Stanley Baker in Zulu


Lex Barker in Lifeboats overboard


Gene Barry in The purple mask


Hal Baylor in The sun shines bright


Stephen Bekassy in Operation mystery


Turhan Bey in Ali Baba and the 40 thieves


Dieter Borsche in Time to live


Henry Brandon in The Pirates of the Southern Cross


Phil Brown in The gangsters


John Bryant in Strangers when we meet


Horst Buchholz in The boredom


James Caan in Funny Lady


Sid Caesar in it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world


James Gagney in We were seven brothers


William Campbell in Brothers rivals


Harry Carey Jr. in The ship to Mister Roberts


Phil Carey in Don't shoot me!


Anthony Caruso in The  blue dahlia


Wally Cassel in Human fury


James Chandler in The actress


Sydney Chaplin in Land of the Pharaohs


Sheridan Comerate in That train for Yuma


Chuck Connors in The human Jungle


Charles Cooper in The burglar


Richard Crenna in Those of San Pablo


Cesare Danova in The  man who understood women


Vinnie Decarlo in The Colossus of clay


Brad Dexter in The adventurer of Macau


Luis Miguel Dominguin in around the world in 80 days


Troy Donahue in hot wind


Robert Douglas in Ivanhoe


James Drury in The Pollyanna


George Ehming in yellow flag


Douglas Faribanks Jr. in little Caesar


Robert Flemyng in The man who ever lived


Scott Forbers in Thundering shark


John Forsythe in The siege of the seven arrows


Anthony Franciosa in This could be the night


Richard Garland in The diary of a convict


Ben Gazzara in Anatomy of a murder


Mauris Goring in The  Inspector


Richard Graham in Black earth


Cary Gant in Walk don't run


Peter Graves in The last bazooka thunders


Dan Haggerty in The bezonian


Jon Hall in The filibusters of the South Seas


Neil Hamilton in Tarzan the ape man


Richard Harris in Caprice, the hot ash


John Harwey in Everybody's girlfriend


Hurd Hatfield in Joan of arc


Al Hedison in Duel in the Atlantic


Skip Homeier in The law of the gun


Robert Hossein in Angelica, in the year of our Lord


Leslie Howard in Intermezzo


Robert Hutton in Cinderfella


Richard Hylton in Okinawa


Richard Jaeckel in Romantic adventurer


David Janssen in The man from Kremilino


Johnnie Johnston in ladies, don't look at the Mariner


Curd Jurgens in Lord Jim


Andrew Keir in Rob Roy


John Kellogg in The city is safe


Arthur Kennedy in Rancho Notorious


Max Kerlow in Viva San Isidro!


Richard Kiley in Lights on the asphalt


Martin Laundau in Tucker, a man and his dream


Harold Landon in it's a wonderful life


Keith Larsen in Wichita


Frank Latimore in The  razor's edge


Christopher Lee in The  Hound of the Baskervilles


Mark Lenard in Star Trek III: the search for Spock


Frank Kovejoy in I am not a spy


John Kund in A bride for two


John Lupton in Three come to kill


Gordon MacRae in Oklahoma!


Jock Mahoney in The Chisholms


Hugh Marlowe in Windowless World


Christian Marquand in ... and then came the day of vengeance


Ross Martin in ThColossus of New York


Charles Maxwell in The last ambush


Christopher Mcdonald in Extremely lucky


Ralph Meeker in The naked spur


James Millican in Thstory of Dr. Wassel


Cameron Mitchell in The foreign


Robert Mitchum in El Dorado


Kieron Moore in David and Bathsheba


Harry Morgan in Thunder Bayor


Terence Morgan in Thadventures of Captain Hornblower


Paul Mini in Th good Earth


Richard Ney in Buried alive


Hugh O'Brian in The man from the Alamo


Dan O'Herlihy in The mirror of life


Laurence Olivier in The long days of the Eagles


Milo O'Shea in Barbarella


Jack Palance in The  howl of the Giants


John Payne in on an island with you


Raymond Pellegrin in Piedone the cop, Italy at gunpoint, Camorra


James Philbrook in The Savages of the Prairie


William Phipps in Crossfire


Ben Piazza in The hanging tree


Paul Picerni in The Knights of Allah


William Prince in Cyrano de Bergerac


John Raitt in The Pajama


John Randolph in Serpico


Johnny Ray in Follies of the year


Rodric Redwing in The coral island


Steve Reeves in Morgan the pirate


Paul Richardson in Pushover


Ian Richardson in Rosencrantz and Guildenster are dead


John Richardson in The mask of the demon


Mark Richaman in Black Orchid


John Ridgely in The  Tigers of Burma


Carlos Rivas in The  King and I


Jason Robards in All the President's men


Ernell Roberts in The  tree of revenge


John Rodney in Swooping Hawks


Roy Rogers in The General Quantrill


Jacques Roux in The  five faces of the assassination


Robert Sacks in The dective with the face of "Borgat" town festival


Paul Scofield in A man for all seasons


George c. Scott in Hindenburg


Alexander Scourby in The King of the barbarians


Tonio Selwart in The flag flies again


Louis Serrano in Notorious


Donald Sinden in Mogambo


Robert Stack in Siege of love


Lou Steele in Happened in September


Craig Stevens in Since tene went


Warren Steven in The Barefoot Countess


Robert Stack in Siege of love


Lou Stele in Happenes in September


Craig Stevens in The Barefoot contessa


Michael Strong in Pity for the righteous


Barry Sullivan in Violent Naples


Robert Taylor in Forced the lock


Marshall Thompson in  The swamp cursed


George Tobias in Sergeant York


Regis Toomey in Redcoats


Rip Torn in 38 º parallel: mission accomplished


Bill Travers in The great love of Elizabeth Barrett


Lee Van Cleef in And continued to rub the million dollars


JohnVan Eyssen in Dracula


Henri Vidal in Fabiola


Robert Wagner in Young people with no tomorrow


Eli Wallach in The Two Jakes, Anti-Mafia Team


David Wayne in Bare Hills


Oskar Wener in Jules and Jim


Cornel Wilde in a bullet for Roy


Guy Williams in The challenge of Zorro, Zorro's revenge


Leslie Williams in The last hurrah


William Windom in Sommersby


Shoji Yasui in the Burmese harp


Akira Takarada in Godzilla


Marc Lawrence in Dog and cat


Luc Merenda in Nic's friends Hezard


Bruno Cremer in is Paris burning?


Michael Craig in Vague bear stars


Shaun Noble in Black narcissus


José Calvo in Two mafiosi against Al Capone


Ivo Pajer in David and Goliath


Fernando Rey in Marcelino Pan y Vino



Italian Actors


Antonio Cifariello in We are the columns, Souvenir d'Italie, love was born in Rome, the beautiful legs of Sabrina, men and noblemen, Brevi amori a Palma, the robbers, the children of captain Grant


Mario Lanza in The kiss of midnight, the great Caruso, the fisherman of Louisiana, Serenade, since you've been mine


Renato Salvatori in Poor but beautiful, beautiful but poor, Poor millionaires, Jolanda, the daughter of the Black Corsaro, Marisa the Owl, Men you are born cops you die


Mario Merola in The ast Munna, Naples ... Serenade caliber 9, mammasantissima, Da Corleone a Brooklyn


Terence Hill in Little Rita nel West, the wonders of Aladdin


Giuliano Gemma in The Iron Prefect


Tino Buazzelli in Ghosts in Romantic


Massimo Girotti in Herod the great


Tiberio Mitri in Guard


Paolo Carlini in The Bay of Naples


Henry Maisto in Naples shoots!


Enrico Maria Salerno in Escape by night Romantic


Aldo Giuffrè in Two mafiamen in the Far West


Edy Bain in Totò truffa 62


Franco Fabrizi in A Cheat


Angelo Infanti in The Black Corsair, policeman Sprint


Richard Valley in Totò, Eva and Pennello Proibito


Pino Mauro in Honor and Guapparia


Bartolomeo Rossetti in Terza Liceo


Renato Speziali in The  railroad man


He played for Disney


1950/ The Prince in Cinderella 

1955/ Gianni Caro in Lady and the tramp 

1968/ The great Prince of the forest in Bambì

1985/ Dallben in Taron and the Magic Pot

1986/ Captain hook in Peter Pan 

 Lay in one hundred and one Dalmatians

Animated film festival


Prince Amat in The 13 labors of Ebenezer

Mr. Rossi talking Mr. Rossi's Dreams and Mr. Rossi's Vacation





1939/ Department stores, directed by Mario Camerini

1939/ Hart, directed by Mario Camerini 

1939/ The Night of The Mockings, directed by Carlo Campogalliani 

1940/  After getting divorced, by Nunzio Malasomma 

1940/ The prisoner of Santa Cruz, by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia 

1940/ The first woman passing, directed by Max Neufeld 

1940/ Hearts in the storm, directed by Carlo Campogalliani 

1940/ The Knight of Kruija, directed by Carlo Campogalliani 

1941/ Disturbance, directed by Guido Brignone 

1941/ The mouth on the road, by Roberto Roberti 

1942/ Black gold, directed by Enrico Guazzoni 

 1942/ Farewell, my love!, directed by Gianni Franciolini

1943/ Forbidden music directed by Carlo Campogalliani 

1945/ The rape of the Sabine, directed by Mario Bonnard 

1946/ Blood in Cà Foscari, Director Max Calandri 

1946/ The elixir of love, directed by Mario Costa 

1947/ The Maland Lover, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero 

1948/ Emigrantes, directed by Aldo Fabrizi 

1950/ Taxi at night, directed by Carmine Gallone 

1976/ Violent Savannah, directed by Antonio Climati and Mario Morra 

1982/ Eccezzziunale actually, directed by Carlo Vanzia 

Chestnuts are good, directed by Peter Gallagher


Radio  Speaker


Air of province by Louis Picard, directed by Umberto Benedetto