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Giulio Pancali 

Rome, 17 April 1899 – 18 March 1987



He began his career as an actor in 1934 in the film Darkness, he continued his cinematic adventure in the field of voice acting and dubbing Director until becoming, in the film he also voiced Eduardo De Filippo La traviata ' 53, he married the sister of the great voice actor Emilio Cigoli.


Dubbing Filmography


Tyrone Power in Rose of Washington Square, Lloyd's of London, the lung alinea gray, my adventurer, the southerner, wives, the fair of illusions, that wonderful desire, the black rose, blood and sand, the Sun also rises, The last arrow, Jesse James, Prince of foxes, the Black Swan, the island of desire, Lurking at the bottom, the adventurer of Lousiana, Captain from Castile, Brigham Young, South Caravan, diplomatic courier, the razor's edge, the great passion, the Warriors of the Philippines, spell, the Chicago Fire, the charge of the Kyber


Robert Taylor in The Valley of the Kings, The last hunt, wild land, the spur bloodied, Johnny eager, no escape, The rate of the duty, Waterloo Bridge, the passage of the devil, Normandy, the ambush, ANapoletano in the Far west, the brothers without fear, the Filibusters of finance, Women into the unknown, Corruption, contraband on the Mediterranean, the Knights of the round table, ride vaquero!, the Archer of the King, high treason, Ivanhoe, Camille


Gleen Ford in The American, the seed of violence, that train to Yuma, Cowboy, the gun buried, more than fate, blackmail vilest, the green glove, Attorney for myself, away from the sea, the defendant must die


Ray Milland in The lost weekend, Beau Geste, time stood still, loving you is damnation, forgive me for I have sinned, wild wind, ladies, don't look to the Mariners, the Ministry of fear, the verdict, the hostages, the uninvited, forbidden fruit, Jamaica


Robert Mitchum in The chain of guilt, his kind of woman, The Macaque, the bold adventurer, no one stands alone, death runs on the River, fire down below, the grass is always greener, Storms on the Congo, I want to be yours, Bella but dangerous, Bandido, The Gang, the smugglers


Kirk Douglas in Paths of glory, Spartacus, 20,000 Leagues under the sea, the Vikings, the walls of Jericho, Just under the stars, seven days in may, warm eye of heaven, mourning becomes Electra, a letter to three wives, five faces the assassination, the Indian fighter


Henry Fonda in 12 angry men's Word, the longest day, go under the bed, The male animal!, the third crime, I'm innocent, first victory, storm for Washington


Harry Feist in Rome, open city


Walter Lazzaro in La fornarina


Montgomery Clift in Termini, I confess


John Alvin in The cursed pit


Joseph Kearns in Anatomy of a murder


John Hodiak in The Missouri Hunter


Fred MacMurray in Singapore, double indemnity


Mirko Ellis in Deception


Paul Scofield in The train


Jean Marsh in The immortal Legend


James Mason in Lolita


Cornel Wilde in Over Mombasa


Richard Widmark in Winners and losers


Robert Walker in Since you went away


Rex Harrison in The sidewalks of the metropolis


The Narrator in The great dictator


Animated film


Prince in snow white and the seven dwarfs


Narrator talking in the three caballeros


Sheik Jafar talking in the Red of Baghdad




1934/ Darkness, directed by Guido Brignone 

1939/ The legacy in racing, directed by Oreste Biancoli 

1940/ Down the curtain, directed by Raffaello Matarazzo 

1940/ The woman of sin, directed by Harry Hasso 

1940/ She fell a woman, directed by Alfredo Guarini

1942/ Tight lips, directed by Mario Mattoli 

1942/ The Two Orphans, directed by Carmine Gallone 

1942/ Benghazi, directed by Augusto Genina

1946/ Paisà, directed by Roberto Rossellini 


Prose Radio EIAR


Shadows of the heart by Alberto Casella, directed by Aldo Silvani