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Giuliano Gemma

Rome, 2 September 1938 – Civitavecchia 1° October 2013



 Hbegan his career in film as a stuntman, then Dino Rice chose him for a small role in Venice, the moon and you with Alberto Sordi. Did military service in the Fire Department in Rome. Duccio Tessari chose him to play the protagonist in the movie blonde Krios come the Titans mythological films. The automaker Suzuki in his honor realizes a scooter with his name. In the late 1980s television production work very in. 

In his career he played over one hundred films receiving the award David di Donatello. The 1° October 2013 dies in a car accident in Cerveteri. He was married to journalist Daniela Baba Richerme. 

From previous marriage with Natalia Rahman (died prematurely) had two daughters, Giuliana and true.




Venice, the moon and you, Dino Risi

My wife's enemy, directed by Gianni Puccini

Arrange yourself, directed by Mauro Bolognini

Ben-Hur, directed by William Wyler

The Cossacks, directed by Giorgio Rivalta

Messalina, Empress Venus, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi 

I love, you love ... directed by Alessandro Blasetti

The planet of dull, directed by Antonio Margheriti

The Titans are coming, directed by Duccio Tessari

The shortest day, directed by Sergio Corbucci

The Parrot by Luchino Visconti

Maciste, the world's greatest hero, directed by Michele Lupo

The slave of Bagdad, directed by Pierre Gaspard-Huit

The two Gladiators, directed by Sergio Corbucci

Hercules against the children of the sun, directed by Osvaldo Civirani

The revolt of the Praetorian guard, directed by Alfonso Brescia

Angelica, directed by Bernard Borderie

Erik the Viking, directed by Mario Caiano

A pistol for Ringo, directed by Duccio Tessari

A dollar Laundry, directed by Giorgio Ferroni

The Boy di Giuseppe Orlandini

The return of Ringo, directed by Duccio Tessari

Adiós gringo, directed by Giorgio Stegani

The beautiful Angelica, directed by Bernard Borderie

Kiss Kiss ... Bang Bang, directed by Duccio Tessari

Arizona Cult, directed by Michele Lupo

For a few extra dollars, directed by Giorgio Ferroni

The long days of vengeance, directed by Florestano Vancini

Wanted, directed by Giorgio Ferroni

Day of anger, directed by Tonino Valerii

... and the roof will be a star sky, directed by Giulio Petroni

The basterds, directed by Duccio Tessari

The violence of the Sun, directed by Florestano Vancini

The price of power, directed by Tonino Valerii

Corbari, directed by Valentino Orsini

When women had tails, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile

The Archer of fire, directed by Giorgio Ferroni

The Big Bear Lover, directed by Valentino Orsini

Friend get away from a Palm, directed by Michele Lupo

A male free-range, directed by Antonio Racioppi

Even Angels eat the beanthe, directed by Enzo Barboni

Too much risk for any one man, directed by Luciano Ercoli

Somewhere beyond love, directed by Luigi Comencini

Even angels pull right, directed by Enzo Barboni

White, yellow, black, directed by Sergio Corbucci

Africa Express, directed by Michele Lupo

Safari Express, directed by Michele Lupo

The desert of the Tartars, directed by Valerio Zurlini

California, directed by Michele Lupo

The iron prefect, directed by Pasquale Sallal

The great attack, directed by Umberto Lenzi

Silver saddle, directed by Lucio Fulci

Corleone, directed by Pasquale Sallal

A man on his knees, directed by Damiano Damiani

Closed circuit, directed by Giuliano Montaldo

The warning, by gods Damiano Damiani

The Shambles, directed by Florestano Vancini

Commando assault, directed by Raoul Coutard

Hello enemy, directed by Enzo Barboni

Darkness, directed by Dario Argento

Without a breather, directed by José María Sánchez, Alvaro

The Casey des passions, directed by Claude D'anna

Claretta, directed by Pasquale Sallal

Tex and the Lord of the abyss, directed by Duccio Tessari

Let's hope it's female, directed by Mario Monicelli

The American father, directed by Philippe Charigot

Someone will pay, directed by Sergio Martino

The ambush, directed by Gherardo Herrero

The spider bite, directed by Claude D'anna

Ya no hay hombres, directed by Alberto Fischerman

Florence no Kaze ni dakarete, directed by Siji Izumi

A nice of we'll see, directed by Tonino Valerii

A decent man, directed by Maurizio Zaccaro

The Woman of the Murder, directed by Corrado Colombo

Juana la loca, directed by Vicente Aranda

To Rome with Love, directed by Woody Allen





Closed circuit

Hunt for the Author Thief


The Promised Newlyweds

Prisoner of a vengeance

From the Apennines to the Andes

Do not open the Boogeyman

The Wife in the Frame

An Italian story

Le Chinois


Maximum Exposure

Desert of Fire 


Game over

Premier de cordeè

The man who loved women – Bel Ami

Angel the Keeper

The baby spoerche hands

John Paul II

Throw the moon


The Captain

Throw the moon

Capri 3


And was voiced by


Pino Locchi to  A dollar laundry, Adiós gringo, Arizon Colt, for a few extra dollars, young people, Wanted, ... and the roof will be a starry sky, preferably dead or alive, the price of power, Corbari, man, stay away from at least one Palm, too much risk for any one man, Man to be respected, even Angels eat beans, white, yellow, black, Anche gli angeli tirano di destro, Safari, Africa, California, The big attack, Darkness, Hey enemy, the bastards, closed circuit

Cesare Barbetti to  Here come the Titans, the revolt of the Praetorian guard, the two Gladiators, Maciste, the world's biggest hero

Renato Izzo to The long days of revenge, Kiss Kiss ... Bang Bang, Erik the Viking, ragazzola

Massimo Turci to   Angelica and the King

Giuseppe Rinaldi to  The Iron Prefect

Adalberto Maria Merliin to  A pistol for Ringo

Riccardo Cucciolla to  The return of Ringo

Alighiero Noschese to  Boccaccio 70

Sergio Graziani to  Hercules against the children of the sun

Giancarlo Masters to The desert of the Tartars

Giancarlo Giannini to  When women had tails