Glory days


Year: 1945


Duration: 71 min






Director: Luchino Visconti, Giuseppe De Santis, Marcello Pagliero


ManufacturerFulvio Ricci


Editingby Carlo Alberto Chiesa / Mario Serandrei


MusicConstantine Ferri






The film shows the events that led to the liberation of Rome, among which are the massacre of the Ardeatini Trenches, the trial of Koch and Caruso and the shooting of the latter. The three directors, militants of the Italian Communist Party, proposed with this film a work of moral compensation of the Italians because their consciences had been torn apart, as clarifies the writing at the end of the documentary:



" To all those who in Italy suffered and fought Nazi-fascist oppression is dedicated this film of partisan struggle and national rebirth "



The documentary film was produced by Fulvio Ricci for Titanus and the National Association of Partisans of Italy (ANPI )