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Giorgio Pàstina

Andria, 1905 – 1959




Director Italian film director he graduated in literature and philosophy. Debuted in 1942, as a screenwriter with Camillo Mastrocinque and later with Gianni Franciolini, Mario Camerini, Guido Brignone, Enrico Guazzoni, Exodus Paru and Aldo Vergano. Henry IV, drama by Luigi Pirandello, in 1943, he began his directing career with the jar, a few years later it will draw even one episode of the film that's life. Among his works, The ways of sin , marriage agency, based on a work by Eduardo Scarpetta and the historic Cardinal Lambertini, played by Gino Cervi, taken from the opera written by namesake Alfredo Testoni Theatre in 1905 and remake of the eponymous film directed in 1934 from Parsifal Bassi. Die alone 51 years for a tumor to the bile ducts.



Director Filmography



Henry IV

The ways of sin


Sicilian Vesper

I dreamt the heaven

William Tell-the Archer of the Black Forest


Beautiful waitress presence offered ... 

 Marriage Bureau


This is life, episode the  giara

Cardinal Lambertini

Desire ' and sun

Neapolitan letter

Na sera ' e maggio  

Good morning Sadness!








The living statue 

Gente Dell'Aria

T ' amerò sempre 

The mask and the face 

Goodbye, love! 

The Fornarina 

The flower under the eyes 

Last meeting 

Red Love - Marianna Sirca