Luigi Proietti (Gigi Proietti)

Rome, 2 September 1940


After graduating from the Liceo Ginnasio Augustus of Rome he enrolled in the school of law at the University of Rome La Sapienza. As a child he learned to play guitar, piano, accordion and to support himself studies plays and sings in nightclubs. He enrolled at the Centro Teatro Ateneo, becoming a pupil of Arnoldo Foa, Giulietta Masina, in the same period, decides to leave the Faculty of law. Her first role as an actor was in the movie the birds by Aristophanes , directed by Giuseppe Di Martino. In 1968 gets starring roles in various shows staged by the Teatro Stabile in L'Aquila, including God Kurtby Alberto Moravia. In 1970, he was called to replace Domenico Modugno in Garinei and Giovannini musical Alleluja brava genteIn 1974 played the role of black Chiaramantesi the drama of Sem BenelliLa Cena delle beffe, deposit at Carmelo Bene. In 1978 with Sandro Merli, assumes the artistic direction of the Teatro Brancaccio of Rome, creating a Scenic Laboratory exercises for the young actor, staged with his students during the 1980s numerous shows, in this period the same Silhouette recalls that Vittorio Gassman said "has his students taught him all his faults, but there is an heir is right that there is." Gianni Minà recalls that Gigi maintained at his own expense the school, awaiting the arrival of regional contributions. In 1983 he made his debut as a television presenter in Fantastic 4 directed by Enzo Trapani. In 1990 debuted a sitcom of Rai due, Villa Arzilla, based on the adventures of a group of seniors in a nursing home where he in some scenes as a gardener. 

In 1998 is the narrator of the tale of Peter and the Wolfby Sergei Prokofiev, under the direction of Enrique Mazzola. In 2013 Project begins writing, publishing an autobiography after all something I remember. Between memories and anecdotes, the actor recounts his personal history and professional.




Our champion, directed by Vittorio Duse


Se permettete parliamo di donne, directed by Ettore Scola


Pleasant nights, directed by Armando Crispino and Luciano Lucignani


La ragazza del bersagliere, directed by Alessandro Blasetti


The wild, directed by Franco Indovina


The matriarch, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile


A complicated girl, directed by Damiano Damiani


The appointment, directed by Sidney Lumet


The scream, directed by Tinto Brass


Brancaleone at the Crusades, directed by Mario Monicelli


Dropout, directed by Tinto Brass


Barai, directed by Mauro Bolognini


Mortadella, directed by Mario Monicelli


Orders are orders, directed by Franco Giraldi


Meo Patacca, directed by Marcello Ciorciolini


La Tosca, directed by Luigi Magni


Property is no longer a theft, directed by Elio Petri


Le farò da padre, directed by Alberto Lattuada


Conviene far bene l'amore, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile


Music for freedom, directed by Luigi Perelli


Bordella, directed by Pupi Avanti


Who says woman says damage, directed by Tonino Cervi


The inheritance, directed by Mauro Bolognini


Febbre da cavallo, directed by Steno


Languid kisses ... perfide carezze, directed by Alfredo Angeli


Casottodi Sergio Citti


A wedding, directed by Robert Altman


Who is killing the great chefs of Europe?, directed by Ted Kothceff


Two pieces of bread, directed by Sergio Citti


Non ti conosco più amore mio, directed by Sergio Corbucci


From father to son, directed by Alessandro and Vittorio Gassman


FF.SS.-I.e. What did you bring me to do over a Posillipo se non mi vuoi più bene?, directed by Renzo Arbore


Mi faccia causa, regia di Steno


Mille bolle blu, regia di Leone Pompucci - Voce narrante


Eloise, la figlia di D’Artagnan, regia di Bertrand Tavernier


Panni sporchi, regia di Mario Monicelli


Febbre da cavallo - La mandrakata, regia di Carlo Vanzina


Le barzellette, regia di Carlo Vanzina


Un’estate al mare, regia di Carlo Vanzina


Un estate ai Carabi, regia di Carlo Vanzina


La vita è una cosa meravigliosa, regia di Carlo Vanzina


Tutti al mare, regia di Matteo Cerami


Box Office 3D- Il film dei film, regia di Ezio Greggio


Indovina chi viene a Natale?, regia di Fausto Brizzi


Ma tu di che segno 6?, regia di Neri Parenti


Il premio, regia di Alessandro Gassmann





La maschera e il volto, regia di Flaminio Bollini


Il circolo Pickwick, regia di Ugo Gregoretti


La fantastica storia di Don Chisciotte della Mancia, regia di Carlo Quartucci


Il viaggio di Astolfo, regia di Vito Molinari


Le tigri di Monpacem, regia di Ugo Gregoretti


Romanzo popolare italiano, regia di Ugo Gregoretti


Fregoli, regia di Paolo Cavara


Viaggio Goldonia, regia di Ugo Gregoretti


Gli innocenti vanno all’estero, regia di Luciano Salce


La bella Otero, regia di Josè Marìa Sànchez


Io a modo mio, regia di Eros Macchi


Sogni e bisogni, regia di Sergio Citti


Facciaffitasi – tv series


Villa Arzilla, directed by Gigi Proietti


A child in half, directed by Giorgio Capitani 


Passions-Soap Opera, directed by Fabrizio Costa


Italian Restaurant . Tv Series


A child in half – a year later, directed by Giorgio Capitani


Il maresciallo Rocca, Tv Series


L'avvocato Porta