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Gianni Santuccio

 Clivio, 21 May 1911 – Milano,  29 September 1989 




In 1942 he graduated from the National Academy of dramatic art, beginning with David. Works at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano. Between 1948 and 1949, directed by Giorgio Strehler, appeared in The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, Richard II, the Seagull by Chekhov, crime and punishment.


In 1970 he won the premio Riccione directed by Strindberg's dance of death. Toward the late 1970s, in addition to the interpretation of prose.






1944/ Prison, directed by Ferruccio Cerio

1945/ Camera, directed by Carlo Borghesio and Fernando Cerchio

1949/ Judge, directed by Giorgio Cristallini

1951/ Chronicle of a Crime , directed by Mario Sequi

1953/ Vortex, directed by Raffaello Matarazzo

1955/ Eighteen-year-olds , directed by Mario Mattoli

1956/ Paddy, directed by Raffaello Matarazzo

1961/ Conqueror of Corinth, Director d Mario Costa

1961/ Creams die at dawn, directed by Philosophers

1962/ The shadow of Zorro, directed by Joaquin Luis romero kills them

1962/ Imperial Venus, directed by Jean Dellanoy

1962/ The legend of Genevieve, directed by Arthur Maria Rabenalt

1962/ The conquest of Corinth, Mario Costa

1962/ Rocambole, directed by Bernard Borderie

1963/ Ulysses against Hercules, directed by Mario Caiano

1963/ Ursus the rebel Gladiator, directed by Domenico Paolella 

1967/ Tomorrow we are no longerhere, directed by Brunello Rondi

1967/ Silence kills himself, directed by Guido Zurli

1969/ The pale eyed boy, directed by Emilio Marsili

1970/ Investigation of a citizen above suspicion, directed by Elio Petri

1970/ Devil's crime, directed by Tonino Cervi

1974/ The  COP is rotten, directed by Fernando di Leo

1976/ Five seasons, directed by Gianni Amico



Radio Prose



Tartuffe by Moliere, directed by Gianni Santuccio

The King of Friday's men, directed by Sandro Bolchi







The smiling Madame Beudet, directed by Guglielmo Morandi

Novel, directed by Daniele D'anza

Two dozen red roses

The idiot, directed by Giacomo V

An American tragedy by Theodore Dreiser, directed by Anton Giulio Majano

The Dreyfus affair, directed by Leonardo Cortese

The personal Secretary of T.S. Eliot, directed by José Quaglio

The Devils, directed by Sandro Bolchi