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 Giancarlo Giannini

La Spezia, 1 August 1942


He lives his childhood in the Borgo Pitelli In La Spezia, but in 1952 he moved To Naples and graduated as an electrician at The Alessandro Volta School, he moved To Rome where he was acting at The Accademia Nazionale d'arte Drammatica Silvio D'Amico. At The age of 18 he debuted in Rome in the theatre with In memory of a lady friend Of Giuseppe Patroni griffi, then The Director Beppe Menegatti chose it to play The elf Puck in a Midsummer night'S Dream of William Shakespeare. In 1965 he debuted at the cinema with a part in the film the villains of the metropolis. In 1966 Lina Wurtmüller chose him to participate in the Film Rita the mosquito.

Giannini and also among the founders of the cooperative Dubatori C.V..D., and also writer and inventor. In 1967 he married the actress Livia Giampalmo, from whom he had two children (Lorenzo died of an aneurysm) Adriano also actor. In 1983 he married the actress Eurilla Del Bono, from which he had Emanuele and Francesco both musicians.




Libido, Directed By Ernesto Gastaldi

Rita The Mosquito, Directed By Lina Wurtmüller

The villains of the Metropolis, Directed By Gino Mangini

Don't tease the mosquitoes, Directed By Lina Wurtmüller

Tonight I throw myself, Directed By Ettore Maria Fizzarotti

Arabella, Directed By Mauro Bolognini

The landing Of Anzio, Directed By Edward Dmytryk And Duillio Coletti

Fräulein Doktor, Directed By Alberto Lattuada

The sisters, Directed By Roberto Malenotti

The secret Of Santa Vittoria, Directed By Stanley Kramer 

Drama of Jealousy (All details in Chronicle), directed by Ettore Scola

A pink spot, Directed By Enzo Muzzi

A prostitute in the service of the public and in rule with the laws of the State Of Italo Zingarelli

Mazzabubù... How Many horns are down here, directed By Mariano Laurenti

One way, Directed By José Giovanni 

My father Monsignor, Directed By Antonio Racioppi

The Black-bellied tarantula, Directed By Paolo Cavara

Ettore Lo Keg, Directed By Enzo G. Castellari

Mimmì metallurgical wounded in honour, directed by Lina Wurtmüller

Don Camillo and the young people of today, Directed by Christian – Jaque

The first night of quiet, Directed By Valerio Zurlini

Film of Love and anarchy-this morning at 10 in Via dei Fiori in the well-known house of ToleranceDirected By Lina Wurtmüller 

it was me!, Directed By Alberto Lattuada

Paolo il caldo, Directed By Marco Vicario

Sessomatto, Directed By Dino Risi

Made of good people, Directed By Mauro Bolognini

Il Bestione, Directed By Sergio Corbucci

Overwhelmed by an unusual destiny in the azure Sea of August, Directed By Lina Wurtmüller

At midnight goes the Ronda del piacere, Directed By Marcello founded 

Pasqualino Settebeauties, directed By Lina Wurtmüller

The innocent, Directed By Luchino Visconti

The end of the world in our usual bed on a rainy night By Lina Wurtmüller

Made of blood between two men because of a widow. Political motives Are suspected, directed by Lina Wurtmüller

Viaggio Con Anita, Directed By Mario Monicelli

Life is beautiful, Directed By Grigoriy Chukhray

Good news, Directed By Elio Petri

Lili Marleen, Directed By Riainer Wener Fassbinder

My beautiful, my beauty, Directed By Sergio Corbucci

Mi Manda Picone, Directed By Nanni Loy

American Dreamer, Directed By Rick Rosenthal

The Fever of the game, Directed By Richard Brooks

Oh God, we missed the Pope, Directed By Robert M. Young

Ternosecco, Directed By Giancarlo Giannini

I Picari, Directed By Mario Monicelli

Snack Bar Budapest, Directed By Tinto Brass

' O Re, Directed By Luigi Magni

New York Stories, episode Life Without Zoe, Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Blood ties, Directed By Peter Masterson 

Uncle Indegno, Directed By Franco Brusati

The Family Goodnight, Directed By Carlo Liconti

Time to Kill, Directed By Giuliano Montaldo

The Dark Evil, Directed By Mario Monicelli

in the Garden of Roses, Directed By Luciano Martino

the amusements of private life, Directed By Cristina Comencini

Seven criminals and a dachshund, Directed By Eugene Levy

Giovanni Falcone, Directed By Giuseppe Ferrara

As two crocodiles, Directed By Giacomo Campiotti

The scent of wild must, Directed By Alfonso Arau

Palermo Milano solo andata, Directed By Claudio Fragasso

Celluloide, Directed By Carlo Lizzani

The Frontier, directed By Franco Giraldi

Last target, Directed By Andrea Frezza

La Lupa, Directed By Gabriele Lavia

The Disappearance Of Garcia Lorca, Directed By Marcos Zurinaga

Màs allà del jardìn, Directed By Pedro Olea

Fried brain-peas, Directed By Maurizio Zaccaro 

Mimic, Directed by Guillermo del Toro

A holiday in Hell, Directed By Tonino Valerii

Heaven Before I Die, Directed By Izidore K. Musallam

Dolce far niente, Directed By Nae Caranfil

La cena, Directed By Ettore Scola

The Scirocco room, Directed By Maurizio Sciarra

Voids to lose, Directed By Massimo Costa

Milonga, Directed By Emidio Greco

Terra scorched, Directed By Fabio Segatori

One night With Sabrina Love, Directed By Alejandro Agresti

Vipera, Directed By Sergio Citti

Welcome Albania, Directed By Fabrizio Maria Cortese

Hannibal, Directed By Ridley Scott

A long, long night of Love, Directed By Luciana emmer

CQ, Directed By Roman Coppola

Sparks of Love, Directed By George Zaloo 

I love You Eugenio, Directed By Francisco José Fernandez

Hello America, Directed By Frank Ciota

The bankers Of God-The bald case Directed By Giuseppe Ferrara

Joshua, Directed By Jon Purdy

Darkness, Directed By Jaume Balaguerò

The heart elsewhere, Directed By Pupi Avati

Pizza of The Cinque Lune, Directed By Enzo Martinelli

The water... Il fuoco, directed By Luciano Emmer

For ever, Directed By Alessandro Di Robilant 

Man On Fire. The Fire of Vengeance, directed By Tony Scott

13dici at the table, Directed By Enrico Oldoini

'm coming to pick you up, Directed By Brad Miriman

Guy El Branco, Directed By Vicente Aranda

Salvatore-This is the life, Directed By Gian Paolo Cugno

Casino Royale, Directed By Martin Campbell

Milan Palermo – Il ritorno, Directed By Claudio Fragasso

Basterds, Directed By Federico Del Zoppo And Andres Alce Meldonado

Quantum Of Solace, Directed By Marc Forster

The Beautiful Society, Directed By Gian Paolo Cugno

The first night of the moon, Directed By Massimo Guglielmi

Omamania, Directed By Tomy Wigand

Ameriqua, Directed By Marco bellone And Giovanni Consonni

I looked For you in all obituaries, Directed By Giancarlo Giannini

Promakhos, Directed By coerte And John Voorhees

All colors, Directed By Max Nardari

On Air – Success story, Directed By Davide Simon Mazzoli

The Giudecca boy, Directed By Alfonso Brescia

Maremmamara, Directed By Lorenzo Renzi

Liubov Pret – a porte, Directed By Max Nardari





Lo lustily, directed by Luigi Squarzina

David Copperfield, Directed By Anton Giulio Majano

The Promise, Directed By Valerio Zurlini

.... And the stars are watching, directed By Anton Giulio Majano

Sins, Directed By Douglas Hickox,

Carla Di Dino Risi, episode Of The four women's stories miniseries 

Life with Children, Directed By Dino Risi

Nero as the heart, Directed By Maurizio Ponzi

Coup d'etat, Directed By José Marìa Sànchez

The Bible-Jacob, Directed By Peter Hall

An angel In New York, Directed By Vinicius Mainardi

None excluded, Directed By Massimo Spanò

Back to flying, Directed By Ruggero Miti

Hearts in the field, Directed By Stefano Reali

Dune – The Destiny of the Universe, Directed By John Harrison 

Francesca e Nunziata, Directed By Lina Wurtmüller

The Kiss Of Dracula, Directed By Roger Young

My house In Umbria, Directed By Richard Loncraine

The five days Of Milan, Directed By Carlo Lizzani

Black Tales, Directed By Cristiano D'alisera

The honor and respect, Directed By Salvatore samperi

The General from The Church, Directed By Giorgio Capitani

I do not forget, Directed By Luciano Odorisio

The Marshal Rocca and his childhood friend, Directed By Fabio Jephcott

The blood and the Rose, Directed By Luciano Odorisio, Luigi Parisi And Salvatore samperi

I know you'll return, Directed By Eros Puglielli

Before Happiness, Directed By Bruno Gaburro

 An angel in Hell, Directed By Bruno Gaburro



Short films


3:32, Directed By Stefano Landini

The Gentlemen'S Wager, Directed By Jake Scott

The Gentlemen'S WAGER II, Directed By Jake Scott

The Good Italian, Directed By Emanuele di Bacco

The Good ITALIAN II, Directed By Emanuele di Bacco

Mother does not want, Directed By Antonio pisu

The Good ITALIAN III: The Magi Of Naples, Directed By Adrino De Santis






I looked for You in all the obituaries










I looked for You in all the obituaries






Al Pacino in on that afternoon of a Dog Day, Crusing, Dad, you're a Landslide, American, scent Of woman – scent of a Woman, Carlito'S Way, Heat – The Challenge, City HALL, Richard III – A man, a King, Donnie Brasco, the Devil'S Advocate, Insider – behind The truth, Every damn Sunday, Insomnia, S1mOne, Extreme Love – Tough Love, The rule of suspicion, The Merchant of Venice, Ocean's Thirteen, Men of speech.


Jack Nicholson in Profession: reporter, Shining, Batman, Hoffa – Holy or Mafioso?, The Promise, anything Can happen, Something'S Gotta Give The Departed – The good and the Cursed


Michael Douglas in Wal Street, the President – a love Story, Wall Street, Money Never sleeps


Helmut Berger in The Gods Falls, ludwing, so beautiful so corrupt, so Contended, a butterfly with bloody wings


Malcolm Mc Dowell in May Musical, Evilenko


Harvey Keitel in Viper, my West


Richard Jordan in I'm the Law I'm Valdez


Mark Frechette-Zabriskie Point in Men against


Gèrard Depardieu In Danton, Asterix and Obelix against Caesar


Leonard Whiting in Romeo And Gilietta, childhood, vocation, and First Experiences of Giacomo Casanova, Venetian


Dustin Hoffam in The marathon runner


Mel Gibson in Hamlet


Richard Gere Looking For Mr. Coodbar


Nigel Hawthorne In King George's Square


Ryan O'neal In Barry London


Ian Mck Kellen In Richard III


Well Gazzara in History of ordinary Madness


Kevin Spacey in The price of Hollywood


Paul Sorvino in Witches northwards


David Hemmings In Bow Up


John Lightow in The confines of reality


Tim Allen In Santa Claude


Alan Alda In California Suite


John Leone in The last Emperor


Jason Miller in The Exorcist


Jeremy Irons In Callas Forever


Colm Meaney In How Harry became a tree


Chazz Palminteri in The Judges – Exccelent Cadavrs


Mark Burns in Death in Venice


Graham Faulkener In Brother Sun, Sister moon


Julian Sand In The Sun even at night


Jose Wilker In Donna Flora and her two husbands


Jacques Perrin in The Desert of Tartars


Pierre Clementine in The designated victim


Michel Crèmades in The first man


Juanjio Puigcorbè In Amèsia


Tomas Milian In Madamigella By Maupin



 Dubbing animated Film


Fritz in The Cat

President of Gri in Momo to conquer time

Carl Fredksen in Up


 Dubbing Tv Movie



Gèrard Depardiue – The Count of Montecristo, Napolèon


Al Pacino – You Don't ' Know Jack – Dr. Death, Phil Spector 


Malcolm Mc Dowell – War and Peace


Albert Finney – Mostromo


Edward Asner – Pope John – Ioannes XXIII


Ben Gazzara – Rained from the sky


Narrator- Pee, poo And rosemary





In Memory of a lady friend, Directed By Giusppe Grifi Patrons

A Midsummer Night'S Dream, Directed By Beppe Menegatti

Romeo And Juliet, Directed By Franco Zeffirelli

La Lupa, directed by Franco Zeffirelli

Travels And Miraggi, Directed By Susy Menin

Italian Drawing Room, Directed By Francesco Serio

The words notes, With Marco Zurzolo Quartet



Film Awards


1972/Best Leading Actor, for Mimì metallurgical wounded in honor

1984/Best Leading actor, for Mi Manda Picone

1989/Nominated Best leading Actor, for ' O Re

1990/Nominated Best leading Actor, for The dark Evil

1994/Nomination for Best supporting actor for Giovanni Falcone 

1995/Best Supporting actor for like two crocodiles

1996/Best lead actor for Celluloid

1996/Nominated Best lead actor for Palermo Milano solo One Way

2002/Best starring actor for I Love You Eugene

2003/Nomination Best supporting actor forL heart elsewhere


 Silver Ribbon



1972/Nomination Best supporting actor for drama of jealousy (all details in chronicle)


1973/Best Actor for Mimì metallurgical wounded in honor


1974/Best actor for Love movies and anarchy-or "This morning at 10 o'clock in the house Of flowers in the note Of tolerance"


1974/Nominated Best lead actor for Paul the Heat


1984/Nominated Best lead actor for Mi Manda Picone


1989 Nomination Best actor for ' O King


1991/Nominated Best actor for The amusements of private life


1991/Best Actor for the Scirocco room


1999/Best Supporting actor for Dinner


2001/Best Supporting actor for Hannbial



Golden Globe


1973/Best actor Mimmì metallurgical revelation wounded in honor


1974/Best actor, for It was me!


1989/Best actor for 'O Re


1997/Nominated Best actor, for The Frontier


1999/Best actor, for Milonga


2010/Golden Globe at Career




1977/Nomination for Best actor, for Pasqualino Settebeauties 


Cannes film Festival


1973/Prix d'interprètation masculine for Films of Love and Anarchy – That is "This morning at 10 o'clock in way of the Flowers in the note House of Tolerance"