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Two half-brothers, one pilot and the other technician at the father's aviation industry, are in dispute because of jealousy of the youngest son of the second wife of his father. The two fall in love and then the same woman;This results in continuous clashes and resentments among the brothers, worsening an already tense situation. At the outbreak of World War II will find themselves in aeronautics, amidst suffering and the need for solidarity among them to survive a cull that will be the reason for the reconciliation between the brothers.


Film notes



Original title: Gente Dell'Aria

Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1943

Duration: 78 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Kind: Drama

Director: Esodo Pratelli

Subject: Bruno Mussolini

Screenwriter: Renato Simoni, Exodus Pratelli, Giorgio Pastina

Manufacturer: Cines

Distribution: E.N.I.C.

Photography: Carlo Montuori

Editing: Maria Serandrei

Music: Enzo Masetti

Art Director: Alfredo Malik




Gino Galido

Antonio Centa

Antonio Gandusio

Paolo Stoppa

Elisa Cegani

Adriana Benetti

Aldo Silvani

Virgilio Riento

Guido Notari

Luigi Pavese

Piero Carnabuci

Fedele Gentile

Beatrice Negri

Galeazzo Benti

Andrea Flight