Gennaro Righelli

(Salerno, 12 December 1886 – Rome, 6 January 1949)


the Father Angelo, actor in dialect, in 1902, undertook the theatrical activity, in a company of the father. He Debuted at the cinema in 1911, with Cines, in The film The Girlfriend of Messina, then inGiovanna la pallida and poor Dora!In 1913, he shot a series of films with the Vesuvio Film, along with Maria Mauro, his wife at the time, and later for the Tiber Film in 1916 and Fert in 1920. During the crisis of the ' 20s, together with the colleges Bonnard, Almirante, Palermi, he moved to Germany, where he was signed by producer Jacob Karol, together with Maria Jacobini, founded the film company Maria Jacobini-Film GmbH, from which came out the film Bohème -Kunstlerliebe. Between 1923 and 1929, in Germany he made about thirty films, such as le rouge et le Noir and The President of Costa Nueva, With Whom He Launched the actor Ivan Mozzuchin. Returned to Italy, is Chosen By Stefano Pittalinga in charge of The Group Cines-Pittaluga, directing the first Italian sound Film, the song of Love, Inspired by a Work Of Pirandello, With dria Paola, Isa Pola and Elio Steiner. in the Thirties he directed several films, with the Sicilian Actor Angelo Musco, Anna Magnani.





lost, by Enrique Santos, 1911


The bearer of bread, by Romolo Bacchini, 1911


the movie star, by Mario Almirante, 1931





Giovanna la pallida, director and interpretation, 1911


the Girlfriend of Messina, direction and interpretation, 1911


Poor Dora!, 1911


Il Decamerone, director and interpretation, 1911


The whim of a Prince, director and interpretation, 1913


Hussein The Pirate, director and interpretation, 1913


To the capital!, 1916


in the Eternal city, 1916


First and Last kiss, 1916


Once upon a time, 1917


for life, 1917


The passing shadow, 1917


Demons etto, 1917


the Nephew of America, 1917


Two hundred per hour, 1918


The poison of pleasure, 1918


autumn of love, 1918


The Lady of pearls, 1918


Twenty days in the shade, 1918


Mademoiselle Pas – Chic, 1918


when the sun sets, 1918


The Rogue of paris, 1919


the Adventures Of doloretta, 1919


l'innamorata, 1920


The Glass house, 1920


the Mad virgin, 1920


The recall, 1921


The journey, 1921


the island and the mainland, 1921


The Glass house, 1921


the Mad virgin, 1921


the island and the mainland, 1922


dream of love, 1922


The house in the snow, 1922


adrift (Steurlos),1923


Orient (Orient), 1923


a wife and... two husbands (Die Puppenkonigin), 1924


chains, 1924


Transatlantic (Der Bastard),1925


The exiled Volga (Heimweh), 1925


The Master of the World (Der Meister der Welt), 1927


The Dominion of Darkness (Swengali),1927


the Fortress Of Ivangorod (Funf bange Tage), 1927


Rouge and noir (Der geheime Kurier),1928


the President Of Costa Nueva (Der Prasident), 1928


The red-hot Sahara (Frauenraub in Marokko), 1928


The circle of Daggers (Sensation im Wintergarten),1928


The rapid Siberian (Die Nacht DS Schreckens), 1929


The song of Love, director and screenplay, 1929


La Scala, direction and editing, 1930


Patatrac, 1930


the Blue army, 1931


the President of Ba. Ec. Cre. Mi., 1932


the Lord desires?, 1933


  in the dark together, 1933


The Last Bergerac, director and screenplay, 1933


The Maiden of the other world, 1934


The light of the world, directing, screenplay and editing,1934


Those two, 1935


The air of the continent, director and screenplay, 1935


Think about it, Giacomino!, 1935


White Amazons, director and screenplay, 1936


The Forgetful, 1936


Leave all hope, 1936


Gatta ci Cova, director and screenplay, 1937


Fireworks , director and screenplay, 1937


The Merry singer, director and screenplay, 1938


They kidnapped a man, directing and subject, 1938


Destiny in Pocket, director and screenplay,1938


The last Scugnizzo,1938


the Baron Of Corbò, Director and screenplay,1938


Two eyes not to see, director and screenplay, 1939


The boarders of Saint-Cyr, 1939


The Faceless voice, 1939


the Knight of St. mark, 1939


Maybe you were the love, 1940


The Well of miracles, 1941


Maneuvers of love, 1941


shots of Rudder, director and screenplay, 1942


The story of a Blackcap, Director and screenplay, 1943


Blood horizon, 1943


Tempest on the Gulf, director and screenplay, 1943


Down with misery!, Director, subject and screenplay, 1945


Down with wealth!, Director, subject and screenplay, 1946


Il Corriere del Re, director and screenplay, 1947