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Flavio Calzavara

Istrana, 21 February 1900 – 10 March 1981 Treviso 



Flavio Calzavara, after graduating in law science, approaching the world of show business directing some plays, in 1927 he moved to Argentina, where he continues this activity. In 1933 he moved to Rome and became an Assistant before Alessandro Blasetti and then by Romolo Marcellini. His first film as a Director will be little castaways, 1933, history of 13 boys who, after being stranded on a deserted island, they manage to foil an illegal trade in arms against Italy. Movie that gets a good success and critical acclaim. Runs four films with Doris Duranti, among the most successful there is Carmela, made famous by a sequence in which the actress tearing her shirt, showing her breasts. In 1944 joined the Republic of Salò in Venice, where it turns movie Sinners in the following year. He moved to Spain, where he made in 1948, El curioso impertinente

Back in Italy, in 1950, turns film by popular topics. He spent the last years of his life in Treviso, where he died in 1981.





1934 / Old guard, Assistant Director, directed by Alessandro Blasetti

1938/ Bronze Sentinels, Assistant Director, Romolo Marcellini

1939Little castaways, screenplay and direction

1939The thief is me!, screenplay and direction

1940/ The Lord double-breasted, Director

1940/ The janitor of the seas, short film

1940/ The theatre of marvels, short film

1941 / Confession, Director

1941/ Don Buonaparte, Director

1942/ Countess Castiglione, screenplay and direction

1943/ Calafuria, screenplay and direction

1943/ Carmela, screenplay, Director and actor

1943/ From the Apennines to the Andes, screenplay and direction

1944/ Sinners, screenplay and direction

1944/ Resurrection, Director

1944/ El curioso impertinente, screenplay and direction

1950/ Against the law, Director

1950/ Red Seal, regia

1950/  The two WAIFS, Director

1953 / Ten love songs from save, script and direction

1953/ The patrol of Amba Alagi, screenwriting and directing 

1954 / Naples weeps and laughs, screenplay and direction

1954 / Rigoletto and his tragedy, Director

1956 / Forbidden Song, author and Director

1961/ Eyes without light, screenplay and direction