Hercules challenges Samson



Country of Production: Italy


Year: 1963


Duration: 90 min


Gender: Adventure, historic


Director/ Subject/ Screenplay : Peter Francisci


Photograph: Silvano Hippolytus


Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino


Scenogrofia: Giorgio Giovannini



Performers and characters



Kirk Morris: Hercules


Iloosh Khoshabe: Samson


Enzo Cerusico as Ulysses


Liana Orfei: Dalila, Dalila


Aldo Giuffrè: Seren, North


Diletta D'andrea: Leira, wife of Ulysses


Fulvia Franco: Queen of Ithaca


Andra Fantasia: Laerte, King of Ithaca


Pietro Tordi: Azer, New




Emilio Cigoli: Hercules


Cesare Barbetti: Samson


Lydia Simoneschi: Dalila, Dalila


Giuseppe Rinaldi as Seren


Rosetta Calavetta: Leira, In




In the sea around Ithaca a sea monster slaughters fishermen, Laerte king of the island then decides to send Hercules and the young Ulysses to hunt the monster, the two aboard a ship with other men manage to kill the monster,however before dying , the creature manages to sink the ship, Hercules, Ulysses and four other companions shipwreck in the land of Judea where after many hours of walking they arrive at a village or where they are welcomed, but on the advice of some inhabitants shortly after they head to Gaza to get a to ship to go home with. Soon after, a Philistine commander arrives in the village to search for and capture Samson, from first trying to convince the inhabitants to hand them over Samson, but later, after finding traces of Samson in one of the houses, he sets the fire on the village, burning houses and killing and enslaving the inhabitants. On the road to Gaza, Hercules, his companions and his Jewish guides they stumble upon a lion, which Hercules promptly kills m ani naked, the two guides believing Samson decide to sell it to soldiers Philistines, one of the guides is separated to run to Gaza and inform Saren King philistine, while the other would go on with the rest of the Greeks, in the meantime while the slaves of the village are freed from Samson who kills all the guards, believing that Hercules and his friends were spies of the philistine King, decide to take revenge. Upon reaching Gaza, Hercules, Ulysses and their fellow Greeks, are lured to the King's Palace, where they are taken prisoner, but on the advice of Dalila, Saren offers Hercules three days to capture Samson, or he and his friends would be killed, the same Dalila helps Hercules to find Samson, accompanying him, so while Dalila di pretends slave, and Hercules a guard, they both draw into a trap, Samson comes to the rescue of slave and tackles Hercules, after a violent fight, where neither has the upper hand, Hercules convinces Samson to ally, to free his comrades and fight Saren, the two together to Dalila organise a plan in which Hercules will pretend to deliver Samson to the Philistines in exchange of his companions on a ship where Hercules would go and Samson would fled with his horse dropping off by Hercules, however Dalila betrays the two and makes placing of the guards in the ship's hold and along the coast, Ulysses notice and escapes to warn Hercules, just this is revealed, the soldiers defending the three attack but Philistines throwing huge boulders and by dropping on soldiers an entire Temple, but when the philistine cavalry is about to hit the three, to their aid comes a Greek ship from Ithaca with Iole and Laertes in charge that pelt of javelins Knights, Saren strikes with a Ulysses arrow in the shoulder, but Sansone with one of the javelins kills the evil King, then along with Hercules and the others step onto the Greek ship, after a while, say hello to Greek friends and return to Earth.