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Vincenzo "Enzo" Garinei

 Roma, 4 May 1926




He debuted in cinema with the film, Totò Le Moko, participating in various secondary roles in numerous musicals and films. Enzo was also a voice actor in the television series The Jeffersons playing George Jefferson, Laurel also doubled teamed with George Abdurahimzai.






1949/ Totò le Moko, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

1949/ Little lady, directed by Mario Mattoli

1950/ Adam and Eve, directed by Mario Mattoli

1950/ Cadets of Guascognin, directed by Mario Mattoli

1950/ The Cheerful Widower, directed by Mario Mattoli

1950/ The Six Wives of Bluebeard, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

1950/ Ours are coming, directed by Mario Mattoli

1951/ Toto the third man, directed by Mario Mattoli

1951/ Damn taxes!, directed by Mario Mattoli

1952/ 5 poor people in a car, directed by Mario Mattoli

1953/ The most comical show in the world, directed by Mario Mattoli

1953/ Two nights with Cleopatra, directed by Mario Mattoli

1953/ Toto and Carolinadirected by Mario Monicelli

1954/ The ladies of 04, directed by Gianni Franciolini

1955/ Nowadays Girls, directed by Luigi Zampa

1955/ Eighteen-year-olds, directed by Mario Mattoli

1955/ Courage, directed by Domenico Paolella

1956/ Guard, thief, and waitress, directed by Steno

1957/ 16 SERENADES for blondes, directed by Marino Girolami

1958/ Valeria little girl, serious, directed by Guido Malatesta

1959/ The Juke Box Boys, directed by Lucio Fulci

1959/ Cute rascal, directed by Mario Amendola

1959/ Look at them but don't touch them, directed by Mario Mattoli

1959/ The Duchess Santa Lucia, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero

1959/ My wife's enemy, directed by Gianni Puccini and Gabriele Palmieri

1959/ The Duchess of St Lucia, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero

1959/ My wife's enemy, directed by Gianni Puccini and Gabriele Palmieri

1960/ The Martians have 12 years, directed by Castellano e Pipolo

1960/ Some like bald, directed by Mario Amendola

1960/ Dolphins, directed by Francesco Maselli

1960/ What do you think?, directed by Silvio Amadio

1960/ August in Bikini, directed by Marino Girolami

1965/ Latin lovers, directed by Mario Costa

1965/ Scaramouche, directed by Daniele D'anza

1965/ Soldiers and corporals, directed by Mario Amendola

1970/ General Dispute, directed by Luigi Zampa

1970/ The first night of Danieli, industrial with the complex of...,, directed by Giovanni Grimaldi

1971/ At the bottom of the pool, directed by Eugenio Martin

1973/ Scalpel – The White Mafia, directed by Luigi Zampa

1976/ The door naked, directed by Luigi Cozzi

1980/ Dungeon experiences, di Luca, and Fann, directed by Roberto Girometti and Gèrad Loubeau

1981/ Pierino vs. All, directed by Marino Girolami

1981/ Madly in love, directed by Castellano e Pipolo

1981/ Super wet dreams Pornographic, directed by Caroline Joyce

1981/ Country Dr., directed by Mario Bianchi

1982/ Snow white & Co, directed by Mario Bianchi

1982/ Banana Joe, directed by Steno

1984/ Murder in Formula One, directed by Bruno Corbucci

1984/ Blue Gay Crime, directed by Bruno Corbucci

1984/ The country boy, directed by Castellano e Pipolo

1987/ Rich stuff, directed by Sergio Corbucci

1988/ Rimini Rimini – a year later, directed by Bruno Corbucci and Giorgio Capitani

1992/ Home sweet thing, sit-com

1996/ Mom and I, sit-com

2001/ I didn't agetv series, directed by Giulio Base

2002/ I age 2, tv series, directed by Raffaele Verzillo

2014/ Don Matteo 9, episode, the last shot, tv series





Under orders from his Highness, directed by Lewis r. Foster

Unaccustomed as we are, directed by Lewis r. Foster

The explosion, directed by James Parrottù

Hog wild, directed by James Parrott

A new confound, directed by James Parrott

We go to work, directed by James w. Horne

Bonnie Scotland, the Scots

Allegri twins, directed by Harry Lacham

Merry vagabonds, the children of the West

Choose a star, directed by Edward Sedwick

Sim Sala Bim, directed by Alfred Wecker

The dancing masters, directed by Mal St. Clair

The Big Bang, directed by Mal St. Clair

Toreadors, directed by Mal St. Clair



Comic  Dubbing



Lucky dog, directed by Jess Robins

Duck Soup, directed by Fed Guiol

Shy Wives, wives insinuating, directed by Fred Guiol

Coco and cries, directed by Fred Guiol

Why girls love sailors, directed by Fred Guiol

With love and hisses, directed by Fred Guiol

How do I repent, Rich, directed by Fred Guiol

Sailors on guard, directed by Hal Yates

The second hundred years, directed by Fred Guiol

Putting pants, directed by Clyde Bruckman

The battle of the century, directed by Clyde Bruckman

Leave them laughing, toothache, directed by Clyde Bruckman

Flying Elephants, directed by Frank Butler

Finishing touchdirected by Clyde Bruckman

Luncheon, directed by Edgar Kennedy