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Enrico Montesano

Rome, 7 June 1945



Began her career in 1966 at the theatre with dark Humor, and at the cinema with I don't protest, I love.

The great-great-grandfather Nicholas, was of southerners and was comic actor, the great-grandfather Michael Montesano with his brother Achille Montesano create in Rome a company of operettas, while Henry's grandfather was a conductor. In 1972 he recorded his first 45 rpm Luck Yes, Luck no thanks. In 1977 he won the Golden Rose of Montreux with the Golden variety whatsoever IMontesano as well as being active in cinema is also a writer, is awarded The Muse for his contribution to theatre. He also had experience in the political arena as an MEP. After a period of closeness to the centre right, leaning National Alliance and then the people of freedom, in 2009 adheres to libertarian movement. From his relationship with Marina Spadafora has a son. Later he married Tamara Moltrasio with whom he had three children. In 1992 he married Teresa Tandberg with whom he had two sons.




I don't protest, I love directed by Ferdinando Baldi

I'm going to jump tonight., directed by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti

In the Sun, directed by Aldo Grimaldi

Zum Zum Zum – the song that goes through my head, directed by Bruno and Sergio Corbucci

The money in the world, directed by Aldo Grimaldi

Women ... barrel and bersaglieri, directed by Ruggero Deodato

Four of the pater noster, directed by Ruggero Deodato

I don't run ... run, directed by Franco Prosperi

I do not break ... Break, directed by Bruno Corbucci

Theft is the soul of Commerce, directed by Bruno Corbucci

I don't see, you don't talk, he doesn't hear, directed by Mario Camerini

Because divorce, directed by Marcello Fondato

Boccaccio, directed by Bruno Corbucci

Terror with crooked eyes, directed by Steno

The great Anselm and his squire directed by Bruno Corbucci

The lady was raped!, directed by Vittorio Sindoni

Love means jealousy, directed by Mauro Severino

40 degrees in the shade of the sheet, directed by Sergio Martino

Remo and Romulus-History of two children of a wolf directed by Castellacci and Pingitore

The Italy s ' is broken, directed by Steno

Everyone can enrich except the poor, directed by Mauro Severino

Horse fever, directed by Steno

Let's strip like this, without pudor, directed by Sergio Martino

Nero, directed by Castellacci and Pingitore

The husband in boarding school,directed by Maurizio Lucidi

Was interesting, directed by Sergio Nasca

Three Tigers vs. Three Tigers, directed by Sergio Corbucci and Steno

Bread, butter and jam, directed by Giorgio Capitani

Melodrammore, directed by Maurizio Costanzo

The Master's Arms, directed by Flavio Mogherini

I'm Tigger, you tigers, he tiger, directed by Giorgio Capitani

Like his father, directed by Maurizio Lucidi

Lobster for breakfast, directed by Giorgio Capitani

The thief, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile 

Give us your hand, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile

Thick as thieves, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile

When the couple bursts, directed by Steno

The paramedic, directed by Sergio Nasca

So delightful ' you die, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile

Grand Hotel Excelsior, directed by Castellano e Pipolo

Count Tacchia, directed by Sergio Corbucci

Sing Sing, directed by Sergio Corbucci

The two carabinieri, directed by Carlo Verdone

Sue medirected by Steno

I like it, directed by Enrico Montesano

Lieutenant of the Carabinieri, directed by Maurizio Ponzi

Large Warehouses, directed by Castellano e Pipolo

We hard men, directed by Maurizio Ponzi

The Picaris, directed by  Mario Monicelli

The Volpone, directed by  Maurizio Ponzi

Cop, directed by  Carlo Vanzina

Cain and Cain, directed by  Alessandro Benvenuti

Even accountants have a soul, directed by  Maurizio Ponzi

Horse Fever - The Mandrakata, directed by  Carlo Vanzina

The Wolf, directed by Stefano Calvagna

Bastards, directed by  Federico Del Zoppo e Andre Alce Meldonado

Ex, directed by  Fausto Brizzi

All the love of the world, directed by  Riccardo Grandi


TV series


The rainy season - Film TV

Dreams and needs

Proof of Innocence – Miniserie tv

Crazy family – Film Tv

Inspector Giusti – Film Tv

The world is wonderful – Film Tv




1966 / Humor Nero

1971 / Homo Cras

1974 / We loved each other so much

1978 / Rugantino

1981 / Good

1986/ If the weather were a shrimp

1990 / Don't leave me alone

1990 / Wanted tenor

1990 / The Vantone

1990 / Man, the beast, virtue

1993 / Blessed you

1997 / Trash – nothing is thrown away

1999 / And it's a good thing that There's Mary

2001 / In spite of everything blessed you

2003 / The most loved

2004 / Richard III

2005 / Noio vulevan sauvuar … ancor

2006 / Is that allowed?

2008 / Tonight what night

2010/ A family dream

2011 / Roman walks

2011/ Happy birthday

2014 / Sistina Story

2015/ C’è qualche cosa in te

2016/ Semi-semitic life of a semi-semitic comedian with Riccado Russo

2016/ Il marchese del Grillo


TV programs


Rai 1/ What Sunday Friends 

Rai 1/ Networkless 

Rai 1/ Where Zaza is 

Rai 1/ Mazzabubù 

Rai 2/ I had nothing to do with it

Rai 2/ Although I 

Rai 1/ Let's play the variety 

Rai 1/ Fantastico 

Telemontecarlo/ S.P.Q.M. Lessons in Roman History 

Rai 1/ Fantastico Enrico

Rai 1/ Trash 

 Rai 1/ Such and Which Show 




Gran Varietà

Montesano for four i'm how I had fun I've like I've had fun




We were born to suffer and we succeeded

A spare alibi

Confess – Autobiografia – Edizione Piemme


Discography 33 laps


1974/ Tabaret

1979/ Dudu and Cocò

1979 / The Fairy Tales of Luna Park

1980 / Tabaret vol.2

1981 / Bravo!

1987/ If the weather were a shrimp

1988/ Don't leave me alone

1993/ Blessed you!


Single discography



1972/ Luck yes, luck no

1974/ I like you / Love yourself when you piave

1975 / June 15, 75 / Happy Allegria: I think so

1978 / Giotto's O

1979 / The Chick / The Fruit March

1979/ The King of Poland / The Baron and the Sparrow

1979/ The centipede – History of a candy and the sparrow

1979/  San someone / Ufo Ufetto

1981/ Bravo!, An afternoon too short

1982/ 'You don't know what to do - Tell me You

1985/ A Like / Arturo and Mario

1986 / Large storage facility/Happinesse

1987 / The Picari/Duelze amada


And was voiced by


Angel Nicotra in The Sun