Elio Zamuto

(Syracuse, May 1, 1941)


Voiced by the first Magnum series, P. I, and adventurers at the edge of the world, Silas Carson, voiced Apollo Creed in the movie Rocky, in the film Scarface voiced Steven Bauer. In Dirty Sex Money She dubbed Donald Sutherland and James Caan in the streets of violenceAs an actor in the Seventies took part in the serial detective here Mobile Team impersonating the head of the section robberies Alberto Argento; He then played the part of Commissioner Salimbeni in the film agency Riccardo Finzi... Practically detective of Bruno Corbucci; In 1989 she starred in the TV movie without a Chance, was also in the cast of the television drama Joe Petrosino.



Actor filmography


1974/ The policeman is Rotten, directed by Fernando di Leo


1974/ Prostitution, directed by Rino di Silvestro


1974/ Il Trafficone, directed by Bruno Corbucci


1975/ ... To all the police cars..., directed by Mario Caiano


1976/ Milan violent, Rgia di Mario Caiano


1976/ La Wolf Mannara, directed by Rino di Silvestro


1976/ Napoli Violent, directed by Umberto Lenzi


1976/ Why you kill a magistrate, directed by Damiano Damiani


1977/ the band of or, directed by Stelvio Massi


1979/ Il Mammasantissima, directed by Alfonso Brescia


1979/ The nurse in the military lane, directed by Mariano Laurenti


1979/ Agency Riccardo Finzi... Practically detective, directed by Bruno Corbucci





Tom Selleck in adventurers at the edge of the world


Silias Carson, in Star Wars, episode I – The Phantom Machine, Star Wars episode The Clone attack, Star War, episode III, Revenge of the Sith


Donald Sutherland in Dirty Sexy Money


James Caan in the ways of violence


Carl Weathers in Rocky


Abe Vigoda in The Godfather, The Godfather – part II


Bruce A. Young in Basic istinct


Stan Carp in our own things – underworld


Morgan Freeman in attack on power 2


Mario Donor in The Godfather – part II





Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I.


Jerry Orbach in the lady in yellow


Bernard Woringer in Anna, day after day


James Brolin in Castle