It's Spring



Year: 1950


Duration: 92 mins


Color : Black and white




Director: Renato Castellani


SubjectSuso Cecchi D'Amico, Cesare Zavattini, Renato Castellani


Producer: Andrea by Robilant


Producer: Giorgio Adriani


Photograph: Tino Santoni



Performers and characters 


Mario Angelottias Beppe Agosti


Elena Varzi: Mary Antonia


Irene Genna as Lucia


DonDonati: Horseback


Ettore JanettiLawyer Di Salvo


Eligible GraceLady of Salvo


Gianni Santias Albertino Di Salvo


Tanino Chiurazzias The Boy


Cesare RanucciThe President


Ernesto Gaioneas Lawyer Rossi


Jordan Gaggioli: The Baker


Ugo Gigliarellias The Chaplain


Jordan Gaggioli: Lawyer Rossi


Renato BaldiniA carabinieri at the trial


Adaia GianniniThe Concierage





Beppe Agosti, Florentine, baker and goldsmith, likes girls in particular the servants, for his sharp way of doing and for his cheerfulness. Recalled to arms he is sent to Catania and befriends Cavalluccio, a Sicilian comrade, and makes him appear at the engagement with Maria Antonia. Cavalluccio, due to a serious disciplinary lack, is put in prison and transferred. Maria Antonia is sad and Beppe knows how to console her so the two fall in love and then get married. He too is transferred to Milan, where he feels alone and ends up marrying the new conquest Lucia. But Maria Antonia learns that Beppe's class has been discharged and becomes suspicious, so she runs to Milan where, she discovers everything, she tries to kill her rival, but the knife falls out of her hand. All this is followed by the judicial events with the logical solution that the second marriage is invalid. Beppe and Maria Antonia, happy, return to Catania.




Castellani stated that this film was not to do with the war and the post-war period, much less with political and social problems.


"I intend to make a film that entertains the audience and that also enjoys me while I ride"




The film is completely shot with non-professional actors. Only Irene Genna (Ines) had already appeared in cinema and so Renato Baldini (a carabiniere). Elena Varzi made her film debut as Maria Antonia.