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Amedeo Tessari Duccio

Genoa, 11 October 1926 –Rome, 6 September 1994



Her career began as an Assistant Director in the late 1950s, in 1965 begins to realize the spaghetti western genre with the film by Ringo

He died in Rome on September 6 because of a tumor, Tahan was the husband of actress Lorella De Luca.




Intrigue in Taormina

Here come the Titans

Il fornaretto di Venezia

The Sphinx is smiling before he died – Stop London

A death wish

A pistol for Ringo

The return of Ringo

Kiss Kiss ... Bang Bang

For love ... by magic

Best Widow

The Bastards

Preferably dead or alive

That little difference

The death dates back to last night

A butterfly with wings insaguinate

Long live the muerte ... Your!

Force ' G'

The heroes

Tony Arzenta – Bing Guns

The man without memory

Hard men


Safari Express


Dawn of the false gods

One hundredth of a second

Tex and the Lord of the Abyss





The rape of Proserpina – episode Hunt for the author thief

A great love story

Blue Handkerchief

That train for Vienna

Last spring

The Prince of the desert

The gorilla Bomb in the OASIS





The Colossus of Rhodes, directed by Sergio Leone

The Queen of the Amazons, directed by Vittorio Sala

Messalina, Empress Venus, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi

Romulus and Remus, directed by Sergio Corbucci

Maciste vs. the Vampire, directed by Sergio Corbucci and Giacomo Gentilomo

7 guns for MacGregor, regia di Franco Giraldi