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Paola Dria

 (Rovigo, 21 November 1909 – 12 November 1993, Rome)




Dria Paola, real name Joan Stone Matilde Adele Pittheus, actress of cinema, theatre and television, among the most active of his era. Daughter of the owner of a gun shop, Arturo Pileus and owns a Coffee Bag, ion Volebele. As a child shows a strong artistic inclination, studying dance and acting, working in company Carlo Lombardo.In the early 20 's named Dria Paola, and gets a small part in the film the last days of Pompeii, directed by Carmine Gallone and Amleto Palermi. After his father's death, he moved to Rome with his mother, and after a series of films in which she played roles of the second floor, in 1933 Mario Almirante writing for the movie Funny.Continue to play until the 40, then decides to retire from public life. Is recorded for the film, La canzone dell'Amoreby Gennaro Righelli, first sound film, alongside the protagonist Isa Pola. Continue to play until the 40, then decides to retire from public life, though he remains active in the theatre and in television. He died in 1993, now forgotten and almost in poverty, so as to benefit from the law Bacchelli.




The last days of Pompeii, by Carmine Gallone, 1926

Sun, directed by Alessandro Blasetti, 1929

Maralinga, by Mario Almirante, 1930

Courtyard, by Carlo Campogalliani, 1930

La canzone dell'Amore, by Gennaro Righelli, 1930

Vale furled, by Anton Giulio Bragaglia, 1931

Doctor for strength, by Carlo Campogalliani, 1931

The claw man, 1931

The movie star, by Mario Almirante, 1931

Pergolesi, Fanny 1932, 1933

The Lord desires?, 1934

The girl from another world, by Gennaro Righelli, 1934

La cieca di Sorrento, 1934

A shot to the wind, by Carlo felice Tavano, 1936

The tree of Adam, 1936

Pensaci, Giacomino!, 1936

L'ultimo scugnizzo, 1938

The hotel of the absentees, by Raffaello Matarazzo, 1938

Struggles in the shadows, by Domenico Gambino, 1938

The Knight of St. Mark, 1939

Montevergine, by Carlo Campogalliani, 1939

Black Crossing, 1939

La mia canzone al vento, 1939

La notte delle beffe, by Carlo Campogalliani, 1939


Hearts in the storm, by Carlo Campogalliani .1940


The Black Panther, by Domenico Gambino, 1942