Domenico Paolella

(Foggia, October 18, 1915 – Rome, October 2002 .7)




Start as a screenwriter and Assistant Director, began in the 1930s with several popular movies and music (navigation menu). From 1935 to 1937, wins the annual awards of Littoriali of culture and art, experimental film section; During World War II he was sent as a correspondent in the Russian front, after the war he was appointed Artistic Director and editor of the weekly news and current affairs the week Incom, creating hundreds of services both in Italy that abroad, as well as documentaries, including the tragedy of Etna, which wins the category prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Fifties music film and went to work on mythological genre, not to mention international espionage films and Westerns.





Scipio Africanus (1937), first Assistant Director


The last of the road (1939)


The thrill of the sky (1940), subject


Trepidation (1946) writer


A thief in Paradise (1951)


Songs of half a century (1952)


Songs, songs, songs (1953), screenplay and Director


Great variety (1953), screenplay and direction


Red and black (1954)


The courage (1955)


Destination Piovarolo (1955)


Songs of the whole Italy (1955)


San Remo sings (1956)


Are no longer guaglione (1958)


Destination Sanremo (1959), screenplay and Director


I pirati della costa (1960)


Dangerous Mothers (1960) writer and Director


The Teddy boys della canzone (1960)


The secret of the Black Hawk (1961), screenplay and Director


Maciste contro lo sceicco (1961), screenplay and Director


The terror of the seas (1961)


Songs of yesterday, today's songs, songs of tomorrow (1962), screenplay and Director


The prisoners of Devil's Island (1962), screenplay and direction


Il giustiziere dei mari (1962), screenplay and direction


Ursus the rebel Gladiator (1963), screenplay and Director


Hercules and the tyrants of Babylon (1964), screenplay and Director


Maciste against the Mongols (1964), screenplay and Director


Maciste in hell of Genghis Khan (1964), screenplay and Director


Golia alla conquista di Bagdad (1964), screenplay and Director


The Gladiator who defied an empire (1965), screenplay and Director


Agent S03 operation Atlantis (1965, screenplay and Director


Hate for hate (1967), screenplay and Director


The infernal beam, directed by Gianfranco Baldanello (1967) writer


The Sun is all (1968), screenplay and Director


Execution (1968), screenplay and Director


La ragazza del prete (1970), screenplay and direction


The nun and the devil (1973), screenplay and Director


Story of a cloistered nun (1974), screenplay and Director


The prey (1974), screenplay and Director


RAM hunt (1975)


The police is defeated (1977), screenplay and direction


Gardenia, il giustiziere della mala (1979)


Belli and brutti ridono tutti (1979)


Berlin ' 39 (1992), screenplay


Body Puzzle (1992), subject


High risk (1993), screenplay


La chance (1994), screenplay