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Domenico Modugno

9 January 1928 – Polignano a Mare, Lampedusa, 6 August 1994



Son of Malatrasi, Commander of the Municipal Guard, and Easter Lorusso, of the nearby town of Conversano; has two older brothers, Vito Antonio said Tonino and John said Gandhi, and an older sister, Teresa, from small family is called Mimi. In 1935 his father is transferred to San Pietro Vernotico, Brindisi. (where they are then buried parents of Modugno): Mimmo in 7 years begins to go to school and learn the dialect San Pietrano (being part of the Salento dialect), vaguely reminiscent of the Sicilian dialect. Learn to play the guitar in his teens thanks to the teachings of his father Cosimo in 1945 made up two songs, but they never will: and the Moon between clouds smiling at my pain and the train whistling, writes even poems. In 1949 finished their military service in Bologna returns to San Pietro Vernotico, and began playing the accordion for the whole country, improvising SERENADES for girls. He began his theatrical activity under the guidance of Maestro Rolomir little fellow, but life as a country starts has to be narrow, and decided to go to Turin and later will move to Rome, where he's staying at the monastery of camaldolese monks on the Caelian Hill, won a competition for actor amateurs who will allow him to enroll at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.There he meets the young Sicilian actress Franca Gandolfi, daughter of a Colonel. Franca would become his wife.

The film begins with her first appearance on film the fireman of Viggiù; in 1951 appears in the film Filumena MarturanoIn the movie heroic charge, plays a military soldier who has to sleep a child, Modugno singing a popular song of San Pietro Vernotico, Lullaby (Uliè Uliè tene us), thanks to this song Modugno is called to participate in the broadcast Trampoline, where she performed with Nina n; performance appreciated by the Director of the second channel Rai, so Fulvio Palmieri proposes to design and conduct a music broadcast in four episodes. In 1963 leads Amuri ... amuri, radio program where she played a song for each episode. In those days comes the story that Domenico Modugno's Sicilian: since the public exchanges the Salento dialect for the Sicilian, Modugno does not disprove, attracting the wrath of his fellow villagers of San Pietro, in fact will declare to be Sicilian. In 1953 he hosts along with Frank Sinatra in the broadcast radio Radioscrigno,during which Malaya will perform the song Lullaby, a song that is very appreciated by Sinatra, who asks him arecording of the song. Sinatra will not ever this song, but this will serve to raise the interest of Modugno RAI executives. In 1953 gets a contract with RCA, for which begins to publish the first 78 and 45 rpm discs, with songs composed in Salento dialect and Sicilian. For these pieces is inspired by the folklore of these two regions; miners, fishermen, etc.. The first release is a 78 rpm "ciociaria / Lullaby". The parents separate and his mother moved to Rome with Vito Antonio, Domenico's brother who began working for him as a Manager, the other brother Giannino remains in San Pietro Vernotico and will open a showroom. Modugno's father unfortunately suicide in 1960 to die because he or she will be diagnosed with an incurable disease. 

In 1955 to RCA Records for the old tail coat that causes a slight problem with the censorship of the time towards the end of the song "a moment of love that never again will return" is changed to "To a wedding dress first and last his love "he did change since at that time expressions that alludessero physical contact was considered immoral, the same Malaya will declare later that this song was inspired by the story of Prince Raimondo Lanza di Trabia (husband of actress Olga Villi), who had committed suicide in November of 1954, at the age of 39 years by jumping from the window of his palace in Via Sistina in Rome. In 1957 participates in Naples with Aurelio Festive iron, with the song "Lazzarella wrote with Pall.  

In 1958 the protagonist of Sanremo Festival with the song Nel Blu dipinto di Blu written by Franco Migliacci. Performs at the Sullivan Show, the most popular television program of the United States, at this time the Americans say his MR. Flying. In 1960 he participates in the film Appuntamento a Ischia with Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia and Mina. In 1961 participated in the musical comedy Rinaldo in Garinei and John, Modugno composes the music for the show. Rinaldo in camp is broadcast by RAI. In 1966 he met Pasolini film works with the hawks and the sparrowsmusic by Ennio Morricone, Modugno collaborated also with Salvatore Quasimodo. After his time in 1964 to 1968, he switched to Curci Fonit returns to RCA Italiana. In 1984 while recording the broadcast of Channel 5 The moon in the well, in the studios of Cologno Monzese suffers stroke, the doctor on duty did not notice the seriousness of his condition, and told him to take an aspirin and go home. On the night his condition is more severe, and was rushed to the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, after a few days he was transferred to the neurosurgical ward of Niguarda and later in a Roman clinic, was forced to a long rehabilitation period of three months. In 1986, impressed by the activities to assist disabled people became interested of the initiatives of the radical party, for which he was a candidate in the general election of 1987, and was elected to the Chamber of deputies of the X term, from which he resigned on 18 April of 1990, following the resignation from his seat in the Senate by Gianfranco Salihin takes over in the Senate, where it will sit until the end of the term.During his time in Parliament, Modugno pledged in favour of the rights of persons with disabilities and protection of artists. Domenico Modugno are very in favor of sick in the Agrigento psychiatric hospital where the sick were living in inhuman conditions, succeeding in 1988 to close the hospital. In 1990 he was elected, in Agrigento city councilman. On 26 August 1993 held in Rome a great concert for lifetime achievement, during the concert I declare in front of everyone: "I beg your pardon, but hunger would also said to be Japanese," referring to the episode of when you did go to Sicily. The same year affects his last song, arranged by Mo Stephen Borzi "dolphins" with his son Massimo Modugno. Domenico Modugno died on 6 August 1994 at his home in Lampedusa in front of rabbit Island, died of a heart attack at the age of 66 years.




1949/ Viggiù Fire Department, directed by Mario Mattoli

1951 / Destiny, directed by Enzo Di Gianni

1951/ Beautiful waitress presence offered, directed by Giorgio Pàstina

 1951/ Filumena Marturano, directed by Eduardo De Filippo

1952/ Trial against unknown persons, directed by Guido Brignone

1952/ Carica eroica, directed by Francesco De Robertis

1953/ The caravan of sin, directed by Pino Mercanti

1953/ Eeasy years, directed by Luigi Zampa

1954/ That's life, (segment "La Giara), directed by Giorgio Pàstina

1954/ Holiday of love, directed by Jean-Paul Le Chanois

1954/ Red and black, directed by Domenico Paolella

1954/ Knights of the Queen, directed by Mauro Bolognini

1955/ From here to the inheritance, directed by Riccardo Freda

1955/ From here to the inheritance, directed by Riccardo Freda

1955/ Penguins are looking at us, directed by Guido Leoni

1955/ The Red cloak, directed by Giuseppe Maria Scotese

1955/ Songs from across Italy, directed by David Packman

1956/ Goes on at night, directed by Gian Paolo Callegari

1956/ The wanderings, by Hugo Fregonese

1957/ The Adventures of the Three Musketeersdirected by Joseph Lerner

1957/ The Unbeatable Sworddirected by Hugo Fregonese  

1957/ Lazzarella, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

1957/ Husbands in the citydirected by Luigi Comencini

1958/ Me, mom and you, direct by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

1958/ The King's Sparrows, direct by  Joseph Lerner

1958/ Dangerous Wives, direct by Luigi Comencini

1959/ Europe at night, direct by Alessandro Blasetti

1959/ In the blue painted blue, direct by Pietro Tellini

1959/ Destination Sanremo, direct by Domenico Paolella

1959/ Naples is all a song, direct by Ignazio Ferronetti

1959/ Esterina, direct by Carlo Lizzani

1959/ Bloody cloaks and swords, direct by Frank Mc Donald e Nathan H.Juran

1960/ Sanremo, The Big Challenge, direct by Piero Vivarelli

1960/ Adua and her companions, direct by Antonio Pietrangeli

1960/ Appointment in Ischia, direct by Mario Mattoli

1960/ Holidays in Argentina,direct by Guido Leoni

1961/ The honored society, direct by Riccardo Pazzaglia

1961/ Universal Judgmentdirect by Vittorio De Sica

1963/ Everything is music, direct by Domenico Modugno

1966/ Birds and birds, direct by Pier Paolo Pasolini

1966/ For a handful of songs, direct by Josè Luis Merino

1967/ Three bites in the apple, direct by Alviz Ganzer

1968/ Italian Capriccio, direct by Pier Paolo Pasolini

1972/ The Scientific Purpose, direct by Luigi Comenicini

1974/ The skid, direct by Alfredo Malfatti e Salvatore Samperi

1975/ Crying.... The phone, direct by Lucio De Caro

1976/ The Violin Master, direct by Giovanni Fago

1983/ FF.SS. That is ... that led me to do over in Posilippo if you don't love me anymore, direct by Renzo Arbore .




1956/ The Three Musketeers

1965/ Scaramouche

1975/ The Marquis of Roccaverdina

1972/ A stroke of luck

1977/ Don Giovanni in Sicily

1984/ Western of Our Things



Prosa Televisiva Rai


1956/ L’Alfiere, by Carlo Alianello, direct by Anton Giulio Majano



 Attore Teatrale


1952/ The Gentleman's Bourgeois

1954/ Upstream

1955/ Italy Saturday night

1956/ Flood

1958/ The sulfur rose

1961/ Rinaldo in field

1963/ Thomas of Amalfi

1965/ The Goat Island

1968/ Liola

1969/ I waterfall a girl in the pot

1971/ Don't wake the Lady

1973/ The Threepenny opera

1979/ Cyrano

1981/ Man who met himself




 18 August

Home will be back together

The camp of bandits

Goodbye ... goodbye

Now forget about it

Ouch, purparu

Hallelujah Amara terra mia

Bitter my flower

Love never

The anniversary


Hang a yellow ribbon

Armand d ' Abdalah

The Adventure

The flag

Sea bath

Balla balla

Ballad for a madman



Lu Brigante

Merry Christmas to all over the world

Cadets of Gascony



Takes to the city


Cantu of Abdalah

The cat's song

Song of Cyrano

Or Ccafe


Cavaddu tea de la mine

Chicory (sung with his wife Franca Gandolfi)

White Horse

What is a kiss

What are the clouds

What a mess

What do I care ... to me

That you love like us

How did

As a tyrant

Comedy is over

With that beautiful face

With you I can't resist

So beautiful and so alone


From my rear window

Datimi ' nu Tobi D'Ali

Dolphins (Duet with son Massimo Modugno)

You have to trust me


Behind the love

God, how I love you

Bullet train coming from. ...

Tell her I'm happy

Tomorrow we begin again


Don G

Curly Woman

Beautiful Women

After She

Where when De Woche

Duet Yes or not (Duet with Delia Scala)

And ' beautiful ' or sea

And God created woman

And looks

Bear's tale


Luxury females

Le Fleurs et L'Amour

Maybe she loves me

Lu Frasulinu

The Cage

Day to day or day to day

Young love

The Wanderer

Hello love

Homme et la montagen

IO mammeta e tu

I have been fighting

I sinner

I will find you

I live here

Tears of love


Letter from a soldier


Distance (The)

Wolves and sheep

Mackie Messere

Maestro di violino


Mago de Roses


Bad dog


Women sailors and woe


Husbands in town

Lu Realsworld

Melody of the storyteller


Month and September

My daughter

Give me the charge

Million sparks

Mille bolle blu

Thousand fami



My dear fall

I've entered the soul

Dangerous wife

Dead guitars

Mparame in vulè well

Musciu niuri (black cat or Kitty black)



Na baby disease

Neither with you nor without you

In good times and bad

In the blue painted blue

Drunken Orchestra

Paths of glory

Clown in paradise

Pasquale is a disgrace

Pasqualino Maharajah

The Sparrow

None of my love

Fear of losing you

Snow a year ago

Crazy in love

Nina and lu capurali

One way or a flower

Ninna nanna de lu purparu

Cry the phone

On the one hand a flower

Nisciuno bit sapè

It rains

No, my child

Pisci sword

We called it love

Pira d'oru

No longer alone

Pizza there in tomato sauce in Italy

Don't cry, Maria

I could not bind you to me

Not stay among the angels

Fabulous afternoon

You are no longer my baby

Closed door

Never let it be

Instead of me

You are not worthy

Trial love

Night of my love


When a friend goes away

This is the B side

Night long night

La Novia

This is my life


Southern boy

Nu me anything

Reggio Calabria

Endless ocean sea

Resta cu ' mme


Recalling with tenderness



Now that salt day




Saint Valentine's Day

Head full of dreams

The crush

I love you, I love you


Sceccu Lagnosu

Three burros and three robbers

Silver trumpet

You do a great thing

God willing

Tu si ' or sea

If a Cable Guy

Blue Suit


The hawks and the sparrows

The Lady at the side

Hey tv

Sicilien à Paris

Va, Va, Va

Yes, yes, yes

Old guitar


The Old Man

Old Frack

Si tu vas

Harvest day and night

A soldier

Vale of summers

Vale de sciroccu

Sun ill

O Vesuvio

O Sole mio

A trip to the Moon

Sun, Sun, Sun

Come away (my friend)

Vincent Salas

Over the rooftops love my crazy Blues

Moon spell

Viva America

Vitti ' na crozza

Or Mirror

Tonight I pay

History of Mimmo Modugno

Strada ' nfosa

Sounds, Comrade

The Sveglietta

Tamburru de la guerra


Many fa

Hush hush sweet sweet


 78 rpm discography


La ciociara/Lullaby (Rca Italiana)

Musciu niuru/Lu Pu (Rca Italy)

The Curly Woman/Lu Pisces Sword (Rca Italy)

The Alarm/The Boat of Abdalah (Rca Italy)

Lu Wizard of roses/Cavaddruzzu (Rca Italy)

Sirinata dispittusa/Scaragnulu ' na (Rca Italy)

Lu minaturi/Nina and lu capuraland (Rca Italy)

Cavaddu tea de la minera/Vale de sciroccu (Rca Italy)

Ninna Nanna de lu Puparu/Lu sciccareddu

Lu mistress of rose/Cavaduzzu

Sirinata dispittusa/Scarcagnulu ' na

The lady next door/the snow a year ago

Lu minaturi/Nin and corporal lu/Lazzarella/Strada ' nfosa

Old guitar/Lu tambureddu/Nel blu dipinto di blu/Nisciuno bit sapè

Lagnosu/Lu Lu sceccu tamburu de la guerra/O ' ccafe/Pasqualino Maharajah

Maria/Vitti na crozza As '' dangerous/wife/first

Vecchio Frack/Sun, Sun, Sun/Rain/Twenty summers

Muisetto/Io mammeta e tu/Night long night


33 Rpm


The successes of Domenico Modugno

Domenico Modugno and her guitar-A poet, a painter, a musician

The road of success

Domenico Modugno

Domenico is always Domenico

Domenico Modugno

Domenico Modugno/Modugno Siciliano


God, how I love you

Nose/I Mom and You