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Divorce to the Sicilian



Country of Production : Italy

Year: 1963

Duration: 100 min

Gender: Comedian

Director: Enzo Di Gianni

Screenplay: Marino Girolami

Producer: Gianni Cinematographic

Photograph: Alvaro Mancori

Music: Franco Pisano

Scene: Amedeo Mellone




In a Sicilian country, Baron Filippo Buduro called "Fifi", n on accepts that men are betrayed by their wives and criticizes another baron, who killed his wife, after favoring the betrayal and having had only three years in prison. Baron Buduro, on the other hand, uses the Mafia to make his two first wives disappear, in the trial he is acquitted for insufficient evidence. He then goes to Rome to look for a new wife, he is introduced to Marisa, a dancer from night, takes her to Sicily, where she falls in love with the head of the local mafia, who plans to kill Baron Buduro, to conquer the girl. The presence of the beautiful Marisa, however, provokes a series of murders among the various members of the mafia, who eliminate each other in an attempt to marry her. He will be the sacrisman of the convent to marry Marisa, revealing himself as the real head of the local mafia, also ending up murdered at the hands of a young athlete who already had an affair with the girl.


In the end, the two decide together to go to America, where there is no "divorce to the Sicilian" and Marisa reveals that she is also a true Sicilian .





Tiberius Murgia

Moira Orfei

Paul Carlini

Gina Oak

Memmo Carotenuto

John Agus

Aldo Bufi Landi

Nino Third

Angela Light

Saro Urzì

Charles Taranto

Louis Pavese

Ernesto Calindri

Johnny Dorelli