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Confetti Al Pepe (Dragée s au poivre)




The film is a parody of the emerging trend ingout genres of that period: cinema-truth, cinema alienation, cinema-inquiry, cinema-magazine, cinema musical. You can see precise references, such as on intellectual cinema at Marienbad, on music cinema on the West Side Story, on neo-realist and bourgeois cinema, on incommunicability to Antonioni and on the romantic adventure type Foreign Legion.




A group of young cinephiles attending a Parisian film school are directed by the teacher towards a brand new type of cinema, the so-called cinema-truth, a way of relating to the seventh art in an aggressive and insistent, taking up with their Arriflex daily life in all and everything and from any angle that does not respect the current canons.




Shot in Paris in five weeks.


It was presented in competition at the 24th Festival of V enezia on 4 September 1963, and was very successful, and distributed in cinemas in January 1964 with a ban on under-18s, but almost immediately lowered to 14.


Epidermal comedy in the French Pepper Confetti, by Ugo Casiraghi, the Unit


The operation  Pepper Confetti is underway at the Venice Film Festival, September 4, 1963


A "film-magazine" brings Parisian panache to the austere screen of the Venice Lido