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Big Shot at Casino


It is the 20th feature film by French director Henri Verneuil, who in 1969 will once again direct Jean Gabin and Alain Delon in Gangster, The Sicilian clan (Le Clan des Siciliens).




Charles, an old thug who has just got out of prison, rejects his wife's proposal to retire to a quieter life. Prepare a plan to rob the Cannes casino of the billions lost by the seasonal colony.He is the sidekick of a young snatcher who was also released from prison. The shot, prepared with chronometric precision, succeeds perfectly. More difficult to escape, made impossible by a series of circumstances.




Cannes and Sarcelles are among the locations where the filming took place.

It was released in France on 19 March 1963, while in Italy it was released on 11 August 1973 and was reissued on 2 July 1970.


There is a 1994 colour version lasting 103 minutes distributed in France.