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Zeudi Araya

Dekemhare, 10 February 1951



Daughter of a politician and grandson of an Ethiopian Ambassador in Rome, graduating in 1969 and that same year he was elected Miss Eritrea. A journey to Italy opened, almost by accident, the doors of the cinema.In 1972 the Araya starred in a commercial for coffee. 

The Director Luigi Scattini spotted her and chose to interpret his movie The Girl from the Moon Skin

After her marriage to film producer Franco Cristaldi passed to interpret medium cinema films, such as: Mr. Robinson, monstrous love story and adventure in Friday's role alongside Paolo VillagioNeapolitan mystery together with Marcello Mastroianni; My Darling with Johnny Dorelli, Renato Pozzetto and Sandra Milo. In the early 1990 the Araya withdraws from cinematic scenes. After her husband's death the Araya becomes an active part of the work of film production, producing several films for TV and cinema.





1972/ The Girl from the Moon Skin, directed by Luigi Scattini

1973/ Off-road Girl, directed by Luigi Scattini

1974/ Body, directed by Luigi Scattini

1974/ Prey, directed by Domenico Paolella

1975/ The sinner, directed by Pier Ludovico Pavoni

1976/ Mr. Robinson, monstrous love story and adventure, directed by Sergio Corbucci

1979/ Neapolitan mystery, directed by Sergio Corbucci

1979/ Tesoromio, directed by Giulio Paradisi

1983/ Paladins – History of Arms and Loves, directed by Giacomo Battiato

1987/ The Day Before, directed by Giuliano Montaldo


Executive Producer


1996/ Marching in the dark

2009/ Documentary Film Franco Cristaldi and his paradise