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Vittorio Congia

Iglesias, 4 November 1930 / Rome,27 novembre 2019



Voice actor and film and television actor, was born in Iglesias on 4 November 1930. Between 1957 and 1978 he appeared in about forty films and music.



Film Dubbing



Ian Holm talking Lord of the rings-the Fellowship of the ring, the Lord of the Rings: the return of the King, The Aviator, the Hobbit: an unexpected journey, the Hobbit-the battle of the five armies

Chico Marx in The Marx Brothers Blitzkrieg

Michael Gambon in The Insider truth

Michael Gough in Sleepy Hollow

Jeff Rawle in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire

Jerry Adler in Manhattan murder mystery

Sydney Pollack in husbands and wives

Jerry Stiller in Hairspray

Harry Dean Stanton in Alien Autopsy

Ed Lauter in School ties

Ron Perlman in Police Academy: mission to Moscow

Charles Durning in Detective in high heels

Jerry Orbach in Crimes and misdemeanors

John Mahoney in Primal fear

James Earl Jones in The true story of Santa Claus

Andy Griffith in A Holiday Romance

Ricardo Montalbán in Mission 3D-Game Over

Eugene Roche in Love

Bob Steele in The big sleep, 1975 Edition

Simon Callow on Shakespeare in Love



Animated film


Voice of the Ferryman napoletano in Arthur and the Invisibles

FA Zhou, Mulan II





Ornifle, by Jean Anouilh, directed by Vittorio Gassman, first at the Teatro Manzoni in Milano1957

Don Jak, Luciano Salce, directed by Vittorio Gassman, first at the Teatro Quirino in Rome in 1958





1956/ A wife to Jason, Enzo Maurri, directed by Nino Meloni



RAI filmography


1963/ The voyage of Mister Perrichon, by Eugène Labiche, directed by Alessandro Bansal 

1963/ The small café, Tristan Bernard, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi 

1965/ Scaramouche, directed by Daniele d'anza 

1968/ Do not sing, shoot 

1972/ Investigations of Maigret



Movie Filmography


1960/ Messalina, Venus Empress, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi

1961/ 5 marines per 100 girls, directed by Mario Mattoli 

1961/ Hierarchies you die, directed by Giorgio Simonelli 

1961/ Don Camillo: Monsignor! not too, directed by Carmine Gallone 

1961/ The waitersdirected by Giorgio Bianchi 

1961/ The usual robbers in Milan, direct by Giulio Petroni

1961/ Mina... out the guard, direct by Armando W. Tamburella 

1961/ Target girls, direct by Mario Mattoli 

1961/ His Excellency stopped to eat, direct by Mario Mattoli 

1961/ Silver Bay Holidays, direct by Filippo Walter Ratti 

1962/ 2 Samurai for 100 Geisha, direct by Girogio Simonelli 

1962/ Four nights with Alba, direct by Luigi Filippo D'amico 

1963/ Summer frenzy, direct by Luigi Zampa 

1964/ Easy love, direct by Gianni Puccini 

1964 Dangerous loves, direct by Carlo Lizzani

1964/ Follies of Europe, direct by Ferdinando Baldi 

1964/ Kneeling from you, direct by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti 

1965/ Latin lovers, direct by  Mario Costa 

1965/ The Leopard's Children,direct by Sergio Corbucci 

1965/ I'm not worthy of you, direct by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti 

1965/ This crazy, crazy song world, direct by Bruno Corbucci, Giovanni Grimaldi 

1965/ If I didn't have you anymore direct by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti Ettore Maria Fizzarotti

1965/ Scaramouche, direct by George Sidney

1965/ Soldiers and corporals, direct by  Amendola 

1965/ Venus in boarding school, direct by Marino Girolami 

1966/ No one can judge me, direct by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti 

1966/ Forgiveness, direct by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti 

1966/ Rita the mosquito, direct by Lina Wetumȕller 

1966/ I can see it in your eyes, direct by  Camillo Mastrocinque 

1967/ The boy who knew how to love 

1968/ Zum Zum Zum  

1969/ Blue-eyed Lisa 

1971/  A naked mare 

1971/ The nine-tailed cat 

1971/ Come and be a soldier with us 

1972/ Man, stay away at least a palm..., direct by  Michele Lupo 

1973/ All for one barrel for all  

1974/ 4 thumps at large manoeuvres 

1978/ I tiger, you tigers, he cheers  

1978/ Laughing and joking, directed by Marco Aleandri 





1978/ The theft of the Mona Lisa, directed by Renato Castellani