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Vittorio Caprioli

(Naples, 15 August 1921 – 2 October 1989)



He graduated at the Academy of dramatic art in Rome, made his debut in the company Carli-R, arriving at the Piccolo in Milan where under the leadership of Strehler takes part in Shakespeare's the tempest

In 1945 he started his collaboration with Rai realizing programs of magazine and variety. In 1950 it signed with Alberto Bonucci and Gianni Cajafa for the play Neapolitan carousel, directed by Ettore Giannini.

 In 1955 writes along with Luciano Salce The smooshy, transmission made in Italian and French Edition for Italy. Began working at the cinema as an actor, Director and character actor. He was married to Franca Valeri, while working in theater in six characters in search of an author was died of a heart attack.





O sole mio, directed by Giacomo Gentilomo (1945)

Manù il contrabbandiere, directed by Lucio De Caro (1947)

Luci del varietà, directed by Alberto Lattuada and Federico and Federico Fellini (1950)

Paris is always Paris, directed by Luciano Emmer (1951)

Atoll K (1951), directed by Leon Joannon

Totò a colori, directed by Steno (1952)

Solo per te Lucia, directed by Franco Rossi (1952)

Husbands and wives, directed by Eduardo De Filippo (1952)

Eager to live, directed by Claudio Gora (1953)

Carosello napoletano by Ettore Giannini (1953)

Goodnight ... Lawyer!, directed by Giorgio Bianchi (1955)

The law, directed by Jules Dassin (1958)

Zaziè in the subway by Louis Malle (1959)

Il generale Della Rovere directed by Roberto Rossellini (1959)

Arrange yourself, directed by Mauro Bologni (1959)

Five hours into cash, directed by Mario Zampi (1960)

Behind closed doors, by Dino Risi (1961)

Il giorno più corto, directed by Sergio Corbucci (1962)

Borrowed time, directed by Elio Petri (1962)

Parigi o cara by Vittorio Caprioli (1962)

Desires in the Sun, directed by Jacques Rozier (1963)

I maniaci, directed by Lucio Fulci (1964)

The choir, directed by Massimo Franciosa, Pasquale Festa Campanile (1964)

The woman is a wonderful thing, directed by Mauro Bolognini (1964)

White widower, episode Love Easy, directed by Gianni Puccini (1964)

Una vergine per il principe di Pasquale Festa Campanile (1964)

Io, Io, Io ... e gli altri, directed by Alessandro Blasetti (1965)

Ischia operazione amore, directed by Victoria Hall (1956)

Adulterio all'italiana, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile (1966)

The husband is mine and kill her when I want di Pasquale Festa Campanile (1966)

The girl and the bersagliere, directed by Alessandro Blasetti (1967)

Moving target, directed by Sergio Corbucci (1967)

The gentle ladies, directed by Luigi Zampa (1967)

How I learned to love the women, directed by Luciano Salce (1967)

Make a Virgin, directed by Giorgio Bianchi (1967)

Violence and love – the myth of man, directed by Roza Hall (1968)

The matriarch, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile (1968)

Splendours and miseries, directed by Madame Royale (1970)

On the Lord's day, directed by Bruno Corbucci (1970)

Three women: episode car, directed by Alfredo Giannetti (1971)

Trastevere, by Fausto Tozzi (1971)

Rome, well, directed by Carlo Lizzani (1971)

Er più-Storia d'amore e di coltello (1971), directed by Sergio Corbucci

Ettore lo fusto, by Enzo g. Castellari (1971)

Messalina, Messalina!, directed by Bruno Corbucci (1971)

Crack master, all is well, directed by JEan-Pierre Gorin and Jean-Luc Godard (1972)

A day well spent, directed by Jean-Louis Trintingnant (1972)

Poppea ... a prostitute at the service of the Empire, directed by Alfonso Brescia (1972)

The Boss, directed by Fernando di Leo (1972)

Even if I wanted to work, what do I do?, directed by Flavio Mogherini (1972)

He and I, directed by Luciano Salce (1973)

Giovanna long legged dishonored with honor (1973), directed by Sergio Martino

Paolo il Caldo, by Marco Vicario (1973)

When the women were virgins, directed by Aldo Grimaldi (1973)

La colonna infame, directed by Nelo Risi (1973)

How do you destroy the reputation of the greatest secret agent in the world, directed by Philippe de Broca (1974)

Innocence and disturbance, directed by Massimo Dallamano (1974)

There isn't a single mom, directed by Alfredo Giannetti (1974)

The policeman is rotten, directed by Fernando di Leo (1974)

The sex feat, by Marco Vicario (1974)

The housekeeper, directed by Giovanni Grimaldi (1974)

I'm in too deep ... directed by Claude Zidi (1974)

The actor stubs, Director of em David (1974)

The town turned upside down: chase the robbers, directed by Ferdinando Di Leo (1975)

A bed in the company, directed by Michel Boisrond (1975)

The Messiah, directed by Roberto Rossellini (1975)

The barons, directed by Gian Paolo Lomi (1975)

L'affittacamere (1976), directed by Mariano Laurenti

I soliti ignoti strike again-and a bank can for fatal combination, directed by Franz Antel (1976)

The masters of the city, directed by Ferdinando Di Leo (1976)

L'aile ou la cuisse, directed by Claude Zidi (1976)

Chairwoman, directed by Luciano Salce (1977)

Thank you very much and goodbye, directed by Mauro Ivaldi (1977)

Blood diamonds, directed by Ferdinando Di Leo (1978)

Avere vent'anni, directed by Ferdinando Di Leo (1978)

The imaginary invalid, directed by Tonino Cervi (1979)

Cafe Express, directed by Nanni Loy (1980)

Tragedy of a ridiculous man (1981), directed by Bernardo Bertolucci

Before it's too soon, directed by Enzo De Caro (1981)

So delightful you die, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile (1982)

The specialty of the House, directed by Augusto Zucchi (1982)

On having Tourette di Pasquale Festa Campanile (1983)

Cinderella ' 80, directed by Roberto Malenotti (1983)

A scandal for good, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile (1984)

Roba da ricchi (1987), directed by Sergio Corbucci

I Picari directed by Mario Monicelli (1987)

Tantrums, directed by Tinto Brass (1987)

A shot of life, directed by Enrico Oldoini (1988)

All the fault of Sip, directed by Gianfranco Bullo (1988)

The stakes, directed by Sergio Nasca (1988)

The last scene, directed by Nino Russo (1989)

Il male oscuro, directed by Mario Monicelli (1989)


Filmography  Director and screenwriter


Leoni al sole (1961)

Parigi o cara (1962)

The broken hearts, episode the little hand of Fatima (1963)

Scusi, facciamo l'amore? (1967)

Splendours and miseries of Madame Royale (1970)

Come, come, my love (1975)

Stangata napoletana (1983)


 It was dubbed


Francesco Golisano, A thief in Paradise

Richard Foronjy, Once upon a time in America