Tullio Altamura

(Born 18 July 1924)


In 1954 began his acting career by taking part in some movies and some promotional Carousel. In 1961 he made his debut in theatre starring in Sacco and VanzettiFor television, he directed several documentaries and sociological surveys, the cinema has often used the pseudonym Tor Almayer.





1954/ Cardinal Lambertini, directed by Giorgio Pàstina


1955/ Il Conte Aquila, directed by Guido Salvini


1959/ treasure island, directed by Anton Giulio Majano


1959/ 19th century, directed by Anton Giulio Majano


1959/ I Figli di Medea, directed by Anton Giulio Majano


1960/ Atom age-the heir of Satan, directed by Anton Giulio Majano


1960/ La Lunga Notte del ' 43, directed by Florestano Vancini


1960/ red lips, directed by Giuseppe Bennati


1962/ the three friends, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1962/ Zorro at the Court of Spain, directed by Luigi Capuano


1964/ Hercules and the tyrants of Babylon, directed by Domenico Paolella


1964/ the Colossus of Rome, directed by Giorgio Ferroni


1965/ one dollar Laundry, directed by Giorgio Ferroni


1967/ Sailors on deck, directed by Bruno Corbucci


1968/ Death has no sex, directed by Massimo Dallamano


1969/ the warm nights of Poppea, directed by Guido Malatesta


1972/ diary of a Maestro, directed by Vittorio De Seta


1973/ Libera, my love!, directed by Mauro Bolognini


1988/ silkworms, directed by Gilberto Visintin