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Stefano Accorsi

Born 2 March 1971


He lives his childhood, in a hamlet of Budrio, bucket. After the diploma at the Liceo Sabin, he enrolled in drama school Alessandra Galante Garrone of Bologna, responds to an ad in the Resto del Carlino, for a cast in a motion picture and thus participates in the film brothers and sisters In 1992 's co-star in the film by Luigi Console Somewhere In 1993 he graduated and joined the company of the Teatro Stabile di Bologna

Becomes popular for ice cream commercial Maxibon with the joke "Du gust is better than one"; in 1995 appears in a video clip of the band 883; in 1996 is the protagonist of the film Jack Frusciante is out of the Group, based on the novel by Enrico Brizzi; in 2001 with Gabriele Muccino in the last Kiss; nel 2005 participates in the film Criminal Novel as Commissioner Nicholas Scioloja.




1991/ Brothers and sisters, directed by Pupi

1992/ Somewhere, directed by Luigi at the console

1994/ Strange stories-stories of the century, directed by Sandro Baldoni

1995/ Let's Make Paradise, directed by Mario Monicelli

1996/ Jack Frusciante è Doorway from the Group, directed by Enza Negroni

1996/ Vesna goes fast, directed by Carlo Mazzacurati

1996/ My generation, directed by Wilma Labate

1997/ Naja, directed by Angelo Longoni

1998/ The Little Masters, directed by Daniele Luchetti

1998/ Radio Arrow, directed by Luciano Ligabue

1999/ Almost done, directed by Enzo Monteleone

2000/ April captains by Maria De Medeiros

2001/ Tabloids, directed by David Blair

2001/ The Last Kiss, directed by Gabriele Muccino

2001/ The Ignorant Fairies, directed by Ferzan Ozpetek

2001/ The son's room, by Nanni Malle 

2001/ Santa Maradona, by Marco Ponti

2002/ A Journey Called Love, directed by Michele Placido

2002/ Zero to Ten, directed by Luciano Ligabue

2002/ The Young Casanova, directed by Giacomo Battiato

2004/ Wherever You Are, directed by Michele Placido

2004/ Love Found, directed by Carlo Mazzacurati

2005/ Mechanical Province, directed by Stefano Mordini

2005/ Criminal Novel, directed by Michele Placido

2006/ Trickery, directed by Jérôme Cornuau

2006/ All Fidel's Fault, directed by Julie Gavras

2007/ Saturn Against, directed by Ferzan Ozpetek

2007/ Just one Kiss for Favor, directed by Emmanuel Mouret

2007/ Les Deu Mondes, directed by Daniel Cohen

2008/ La Jeune Fille et les Loups, directed by Gille Legrand

2008/ Baby Blues, directed by Diane Bertrand

2009/ Je Ne Dis Pas Non, directed by Liliana Lolitch

2010/ Kiss Now, directed by Gabriele Muccino

2011/ The easy life, directed d Lucio Pellegrini 

2011/ ... I can't believe it, directed by Philippe Claudel

2011/ Rust, directed by Daniele Gaglianone

2013/ Referee, directed by Paolo Zucca

2013/ Travel alone, directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi

2014/ Our land, directed by Giulio Manfredonia

2016/ Swift as the wind, directed by Matteo Rovere

2017/ Lucky, directed by Sergio Castellitto

2018/ Made In Italy, directed by Luciano Ligabue

2018/ Home all right, directed by Gabriele Muccino






1995/ Nocturnal Voices, directed by Pupi Avati and Fabrizio Laurenti

1999/ Lighter is not enough, directed by Elisabetta Lodoli 

2000/ How When It Rains Out, directed by Mario Monicelli

2002/ The Young Casanova, directed by Giacomo Battiato

2002/ The reasons of the heart, directed by Anna Di Francisca, Luca Manfredi and Alberto Simone

2013/ The Clan of the Camorra, directed by Alexis Sweet and Alessandro Angelini

2015/ 1992, directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi

2016/ The Young Pope, directed by Paolo Sorrentino

2017/ 1993, directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi



Video Clips


1994/ Cream Maxibon Motta, directed by Daniele Lucchetti

1995/ Without having you here song of 883

1995/ A love song, a song of 883

2000/ The Last Kiss, directed by Gabriele Muccino, a song by Rino Gaetano

2007/ Passiondirected by Ferzan Ozpetek, Neffa song

2010/ Kiss me againdirected by Gabriele Muccino, a song by Michael Jackson

2012/ Peugeot 208, directed by Stéphane ùLeloutre and Camille Dalmarre



Past productions


La Maddalena Lascivious and penitent, directed by Walter P

Lovers of comic Theatre, directed by Nanni Garella

Six characters in search of an author, directed by Nanni Garella

Green bean and Baker Fell from the clouds, directed by Feng and Comaschi

Le Donne Curiose 

Naja, Director of Anglo Lapointe

Doubt by John Patrick Shanley, directed by Sergio Castellitto

Orlando Furioso, directed by Marco Baliani

Playing with OrlandoDirector Marco Baliani

Decameron of Boccaccio



David di Donatello


1999/ Radiofreccia, best actor

2000/ almost done! ,best actor

2001/ last Kiss, best actor 

2005/ Mechanical Province, best actor

2013/ Travel alone, best supporting actor

2017/ Swift as the wind, best actor



View Venice Film Festival


2002/ Best actor for a journey called love



Golden Globe


2001/ Best actor for Fati ignorant

2014/ Candidacy for best short film for I don't know you

2017/ Candidacy for best actor for Fast like the wind


Golden Ciak


1999/ Best actor for Radiofreccia

2001/ Best actor for The last Kiss

2013/ Nomination for best supporting actor for Travel alone