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Sergio Castellitto

Born 18 August 1953



His father was of Campobasso, he attended the National Academy of dramatic arts without end and soon made his debut in the theater, working with directors such as Luigi Squarzina, Aldo Trionfo and EnzoCandelaio Muzzi in the Circle by Schnitzler. In 1987 he married Margaret Mazzantini, known in the three sisters by Chekhov, whom she has four children, Peter, Anna, Mary, Caesar. In the 1990s gets lucky Neil Simon comedy successes in barefoot in the ParkIn 1996 he made his debut as a stage director with Manola, written and performed by Margaret Mazzantini and Nancy Brilli. In 2004 brings to the stage, as a Director and performer, a second play of his wife, ZorroIn the cinema he debuted in 1981 as a mere appearance in the movie three brothersWINS two silver ribbons with the great pumpkin of Archibugi and the Star Maker by Tornatore, and David di Donatello Award for the film don't move, based on the homonymous novel by his wifeMargaret Mazzantini, film written and directed by Castellitto. On the small screen in 1982, achieved great success with the TV series a Maverick, conducted by captains and replicated by Rai Premiun in August 2015, where plays, with better physics, the character of a judge. The triumph comes with the excellent renditions of Fausto Coppi, Don Milani, Padre Pio but unfortunately, in 2004, he had a little setback with the interpretation of Inspector Maigret in the series of two tv films produced by Mediaset, directed by Renato De Maria.Castellitto has starred in English in the film the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, in the role of King Miraz, uncle antagonist of young Caspian. He had an experience of dubbing in the Italian Edition of the animated film Persepolis, which gives voice to the parent of Marjane Satrapi.





1981/ Three brothers, directed by Francesco Rosi

1981/ Convict, directed by Alfonso Brescia

1983/ The General of the dead army, directed by Luciano Tovoli

1984/ Magic Moments, directed by Luciano Odorisio

1985/ John Thoughtless, directed by Marco Colli

1985/ Looks dead ... but it's just passed out, directed by Felice Farina

1986 / Sweet absence, directed by Claudio Sestieri

1987/ The Family ,directed by Ettore Scola

1987/ Not all pink, directed by Amanzio Todini

1987/ Fear or love, directed by Margarethe von Trotta

1988/ Le grand blue, directed by Luc Besson

1989/ Small misunderstandings, directed by Ricky Tognazzi

1990/ Three columns in the news, directed by Carlo Vanzina

1990/ Alberto express, directed by Arthur Joffé

1990/ Taràssachi, directed by Rocco Mortelliti, Fulvio Ottaviano and Francesco Martinotti

1990/ One cold morning in may, directed by Vittorio Sindoni

1990/ Tonight at Alice's House, directed by Carlo Verdone

1991/ The flesh, directed by Marco Ferreri

1991/ Rossini! Rossini!, directed by Mario Monicelli

1992/ Nero, directed by Giancarlo Soldi

1992/ No one, directed by Francesco Calogero

1993/ The great pumpkin by Francesca Archibugi

1993/ Toxic Affair, directed by Philippe Esposito

1994/ With closed eyes, directed by Francesca Archibugi

1995/ The man the stars, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore

1996/ Le cri de la soie, directed by Yvon Marciano

1996/ Portrait chinois, directed by Martine Dugowson

1996/ Hotel Fear, directed by Renato De Maria

1996/ Silence ... you're born, directed by Giovanni Veronesi

1997/ Quadrille, directed by Valérie Lemercier

1998/ Que la lumière soit, directed by Arthur Joffè

1998/ À vendre-for sale, directed by Laetitia Masson

1999/ Free Butter, directed by Sergio Castellitto

2001/ The Last Kiss, directed by Gabriele Muccino

2001/ Unfair competition in, directed by Ettore Scola

2001/ Family secrets, directed by Dennis Berry

2001/ Who knows?, directed by Jacques Rivette

2002/ Love Recipes, directed by Sandra Nettelbeck

2002/ Religious instruction, directed by Marco Bellocchio

2003/ Caterina in the big city, directed by Paolo Virzì

2004/ Don't move, directed by  Sergio Castellitto

2004/ Ne quittez pas!, directed by  Arthur Joffé

2006/ The Wedding Director, directed by Marco Bellocchio

2006/ Paris, je t’aime, directed by Isabel Coixet

2006/ The star that isn't theredirected by Gianni Amelio

2008/ The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspiandirected by Andrew Adamson

2009/ Italians, directed by Giovanni Veronesi

2009/ A question of viewpoints, directed by Jacques Rivette

2009/ Three of women and wedding dressesdirected by Vicenzo Terracciano

2009/ Raise your head directed by Alessandro Angelini

2010/ The beauty of the donkey, directed by Sergio Castellitto

2012/ Coming into the world, directed by Sergio Castellitto

2012/ A perfect family, directed by Paolo Genovese

2014/ The hole directed by Daniele Ciprì

2017/ Small marital crimesdirected by Alex Infascelli

2017/ Lucky, directed by Sergio Castellitto





1982/ The Unique Adventures of Francesco Mariadirected by Enzo Muzii, serie TV

1983/ Western of our things, telefilm, directed by  Pino Passalacqua, film TV

1987/ A Sicilian in Sicilydirected by Pino Passalacqua, miniserie TV

1987/ The wall of the next roomdirected by Carlo Di Carlo, miniserie TV

1988/ Five-Star Lovedirected by Roberto Giannarelli, serie TV

1988/ Cinema!, directed by Luigi Magni, miniserie TV

1989/ How well they are together, directed by Vittorio Sindoni, miniserie TV

1990/ A loose dog, directed by Giorgio Capitani, film TV

1991/ A Loose Dog 2directed by Giorgio Capitani, film TV

1992 / A Loose Dog 3directed by Giorgio Capitani, film TV

1995/ The Great Fausto, directed by Alberto Sironi, miniserie TV

1997/ Soon, directed by Jim McBride, film TV

1997/ Don Milani - the prior of Barbianadirected by Antonio e Andrea Frazzi, miniserie TV

2000 / Victorie, ou la douleur de femmes, directed by Nadine Trintignant, miniserie TV

2000/ Father Piodirected by Carlo Carlei

2003/ Ferrari, directed by Carlo Carlei

2004/ Maigret, directed by Renato De Maria (due episodi – The Chinese Trap and Shadow)

2008/ Escape for Freedom – the Aviator, directed by Carlo Carlei, film TV

2008/ O' Professordirected by Maurizio Zaccaro, serie TV

2013/ Il Treatment, serie TV

2016/ The Fisherman Mayor, film TV



Short films


1985/ You're differentdirected by Alberto Taraglio





1999/ Free Butter

2004/ Don't move

2010/ The beauty of the donkey

2012/ Coming into the world

2015/ No one saves themselves

2017/ Lucky




1996/ Manola, Of Margareth Mazzantini

2002/ Zorro, Of Margareth Mazzantini



David di Donatello Award


1990/ Small Misconceptions - Best Lead Actor

1990/ Three columns in the news - Best Supporting Actor

1991/ Tonight in Alice's House – Best Supporting Actor

1993/ The great pumpkin – best actor

1996/ The Star Maker – best actor

2003/ Religious instruction – best actor

2004/ Don't move  best Film-Best Director-best screenplay – best actor

2013/ A perfect family – best actor

2013/ Coming into the world – David Young