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Rosina Anselmi

Catania, July 26 1876 – Catania, 23 May 1965


Daughter of actors Frances Stevenson and Alessandro Anselmi, began her acting career from an early age with his father, before moving in the companies of Nino Martoglio and Mimi Aguglia, which will start on tour to North America, playing for Italian-Americans. In 1910 he returned to Sicily where it is signed as an actress in the Sicilian Comic, directed by Angelo Musco, Rosina made her film debut in 1934 with the film the inheritance of his uncle the late lamented directed by Angelo Musco, will attend a two more films by Musco The Parafino and L'aria del continente. After the death of Musco died in 1937, he founded together with Michele Abruzzo The Company DialectRosina Anselmi was married to actor Lindoro Colombo died in Catania in 1965.


 Stage productions in Sicilian dialect



Comic Sicilian Company directed by Angelo Musco  

San Giovanni Decollato by Nino Martoglio

Lu Paraninfu by Luigi Capuana

The air of the continent  by Nino Martoglio

Quacquarà by Luigi Capuana

Think About ItGiacuminu!  by Luigi Pirandello

The art of Giufà  by Nino Martoglio

The latter wrote to cu ' ciancianeddi by Luigi Pirandello

The Marquis of Ruvolito by Nino Martoglio

Turnisi & C by Cesare Hanau, reduction of Joseph Murabito

Fra Diavolo by Giuseppe Patanè

The two masks, da (Courage, Tonino!) of Don Carlos Arniches Barreda

Othello by Gaetano Sclafani

Word of honour and of Alfredo Giannini

One of the two by Ottavio Profeta

Chief-Raisi Francesco Macaluso 

The continent's Air of Madrigal





San Giovanni decollato, directed by Telema Ruggeri (1917)

The legacy of his uncle late lamented, by Amleto Palermo (1934) 

Matchmaker, by Amleto Palermi (1934)

Territorial militia, directed by Mario Bonnard (1935)

Aldebrarn, directed by Alessandro Blasetti (1935)

Lohengrin, by Nunzio Malasomma (1935)

The air of the continent, by Gennaro Righelli (1935)

King of money, directed by Enrico Guazzoni (1935)

Cat hatches us, by Gennaro Righelli (1937) 

Abandon all hope, by Gennaro Righelli (1937)

The Fierce Saladin, directed by Mario Bonnard (1937)

Got a lady, directed by Mario Mattoli (1938)

The Marquis of Ruvolito, directed by Raffaello Matarazzo (1939)

The woman is mobile, directed by Mario Mattoli, (1942)


RAI Filmography


Lu Pidagna Knights, directed by Umberto Benedetto

The Marquis of Ruvolito, directed by Umberto Benedetto