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Riccardo Cucciolla

5 September 1924 – 17 September 1999 Bari




Actor, voice actor and dubbing Director. In the following years will work both in Italy and abroad, especially working with French directors. In 1974 is hired by Mario Bava, the film Rabid dogs (red light), where she plays an ambiguous middle-aged man. As for the voice acting, for many years has lent voice to Roger Moore and other actors.




Claudio Villa in Bitter serenade; Serenade for 16 Blondes; Seven songs for seven sisters; Forbidden song; First round of applause; There is a trail in the sky; Hello first love!; La canzone del destino; La banda del buco

Erland Josephson in Sacrifice; I'm scared

John Cazale in The Godfather; The Godfather Part II

Jonathan Pryce in 007-tomorrow never dies

Richard Egan in The girl from twenty dollars

James Caan in Countdown

Robert Duvall in  Rosa Havoc and her lovers

Ian Holm in Another woman

William Redfield in The Night's Watchman

David Carradine in This land is my land

Michael Lonsdale in The day of the Jackal

William Hopper in The conquest of space

Warren Stevens in Forbidden planet 

Richard Harrison in The executioner of the seas

Monsignor Hermann Cobos in Susanna all cream

Ken Curtis in The wings of Eagles

Ken Scott in The Boxer

Audie Murphy in Fire proof

Tom Drake  in The courage of Lassie

Bruno Ganz in The sky over Berlin

Michel Serrault  in Nelly and Mr. Arnaud

Jean-Marc Tennberg in Fanfan la Tulipe

Gérard Blain in Dolphins

Jacques Charrier in Clay pigeon shooting

José Luis De Villalonga in  Juliet of the spirits

Akira Nishimura in Love hot in Yokohama

Akihiko Hirata in Atragon

Mark Herron in  8.5

Renato Salvatori in Rocco and his brothers

Giuliano Gemma in The return of Ringo

Adolfo Celi in OK Connery

Carlo Taranto in The Doctor and the Sorcerer

Mario Feliciani in Everyone at home

Dwight Weist in The name of the rose

William Talman in Perry Mason

Roger Moore in The Saint

Paul Guers in The octopus 2, The octopus 3

Ben Kingsley in The secret of the Sahara


Narrator to :

The calf

Comrade Don Camillo

A love in Rome

Primitive love

Documentary Futurism by Guido Guerrasio





1965/ Italian good people, direct by Giuseppe De Santis 

1967/ At any cost, direct by Giuliano Montaldo

1968/ The Seven Deer Brothers, direct by Gianni Puccini 

1970/ Sacco and Vanzetti, direct by Giuliano Montaldo 

1971/ The investigation is closed: forget, direct by Damiano Damiani 

1972/ Violence: Fifth Power, direct by Florestano Vancini 

1972/ Night on the city, direct by  Jean-Pierre Melville 

1973/ The Matteotti Murder, direct by  Florestano Vancini 

1973/ No the case is happily solved, direct by  Vittorio Salerno 

1973/ Borsalino and Co.,direct by  Jacques Deray 

1975/ Spy face, direct by Giuseppe Ferrara 

1977/ Antonio Gramsci - The Days of Prisondirect by Lino Del Fra 

1988/ A hare with a little girl's face, direct by  Gianni Serra 




1967/ The Days of History, narrator in the episode Caio Gracco

1969/ Luke's Secretdirect by  Sandro Bolchi

1981/ In the Lost City of Sarzana, direct by Luigi Faccini 

1982/ Marco Polo, direct by Giuliano Montaldo 

1984/ Two prisoners, direct by  Anton Giulio Majano 

1986/ The Riddle of Rue Martin 98direct by  Jean Delannoy 

1986/ The boss, direct by Silverio Blasi 

1988/ Family businessdirect by Marcello Fondato 

1990/ The octopus 5direct by Luigi Perelli (1990/

1991/ Prisoner of a Revenge, direct by Vittorio Sindoni e Jeannot Szwarc 

1991/ The courage to speakdirect by Leandro Castellani 

1993/ Le Château des Oliviersdirect by France 2 

1993/ Sea wind, direct by Gianfranco Mingozzi 

1994/ Intimate Enemies, direct by P. Solinas

1996/ The Voice of the Heartdirect by Lodovico Gasparini

1996/ Marshal Roccadirect by Giorgio Capitani, first season, episode 2 ("Guilt ") in the role of Serafin

1997/ Dr. Giò 

1999/ Death of a Good Girl 



Direction of dubbing Film



Once Upon a Time in America

And the ship goes


On the run for three

Dersu Uzala - The Little Man of the Great Plains

The Cat and the Canary


New York Stories

Offret - Sacrificio

 Marco Polo

The octopus 1

The octopus 2


RAI radio prosa


The white fan, direct by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, regia Corrado Pavolini.

Hyacinth Halvey, direct by  Lady Augusta Gregory, regia Umberto Benedetto





1974/ Puglia, documentary of the cycle Italy seen from the sky,direct by Folco Quilici

1977/ Tomboy




1953/ Good People's Sunday 

1959/ Treasure island

1965/ Italians good people 

1965/ Naked, raw and ..., directed by Adriano Bolzoni and Francesco De Feo, narration, voiceover 

1965/ Life of Dante, Narrator, voiceover 

1967/ At any cost, directed by Giuliano Montaldo 

1968/ The seven brothers Cervi 

1969/ Secret Africa, directed by Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni and Epicurus 

1970/ Sacco and Vanzetti 

1971 The investigation is closed: forget 

1971 We are all on bail, directed by Manlio Scarpelli 

1971 Africa ama, directed by Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni and Epicurus 

1972/ Violence: Fifth Power 

1972/  Violence: Fifth Power Night on the town, directed by Jean-Pierre Melville

1972/ A thoroughly professional to secure the future, directed by Giuseppe De Santis 

1973/ The Matteotti Murder 

1973/ No case is happily resolved 

1974/ Borsalino & co., 

1974/ Angry dogs 

1974/ Cugini carnali , directed by Sergio Martino

1976/ The line of the river 

1976/ Ready to kill

1977/ Antonio Gramsci: I giorni del carcere 

1978/ Goodbye last man, directed by Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni, vocals (1978/

1982/ Marco Polo, television drama, directed by Giuliano Montaldo 

1984/ The boy of Ebalus, directed by Giuseppe Schito (1984/

1987/ The courage to speak 

1988/ 32 December 

1995/ The voice of the heart, miniseries 

1996/ Marshal Rocca episode "guilt", TV series 

1999/ Death of a respectable girl, TV series 





1961/ Love poems/love poems, Caravan 

1992/ The enchanted forest, fairy concert 





Riccardo Cucciolla doubled the only word that the actor Buster Keaton starred in the film Two marines e a generale, i.e. Thanks (Thanks)



Awards and recognitions


1971/ He was awarded the prize for best actor at the Cannes Film Festival, for the role of the anarchist Lot in the film by Giuliano Montaldo Sacco and Vanzetti