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Renato Cecchetto

(Adria, 28 October 1951)



Voice actor and dubbing Director. After studying at the Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica Silvio D'amico, started working with the theatre, directed by Mario Missiroli, Giorgio Pressburger, Francesco Macedonio and others. The cinema has worked in several films with such directors as Mario Monicelli, Damiano Damiani, Steno. For Tv, he played the judge Bonanno in the first two editions of the Octopus .




Fracchia la belva umana (1981), directed by Neri Parenti

Good like bread, directed by Riccardo Sesani (1981)

The sudsy, directed by Carlo Vanzina (1981)

Caligula-the untold story, directed by Joe D'Amato (1982)

The gorilla, directed by Romolo Guerrieri (1982)

Io, Chiara e lo Scuro, directed by Maurizio Ponzi (1982)

Amici miei-Act II, directed by Mario Monicelli (1982)

Pierino colpisce ancora, directed by Marino Girolami (1982)

La piovra, directed by Damiano Damiani (1984)

La piovra 2, directed by Florestano Vancini (1986)

Italian Fast Food, directed by Lodovico Gasparini (1986)

Summer is ending, directed by Bruno Cortini (1987)

City animals, directed by Steno (1987)

Ciao ma ' ..., directed by Giandomenico Curi (1988)

Fantozzi alla riscossa, directed by Neri Parenti (1990)

Sit out on the terrace, directed by Bruno Gaburro (1991)

Parenti serpenti, directed by Mario Monicelli (1992)

Sit out on the 2-Un anno dopo, directed by Bruno Gaburro (1993)



Film Dubbing


Hamm in Toy Story-the world of toys, Toy Story 2-Woody and Buzz to the rescue, Toy Story 3-great escape, Buzz Lightyear of Star command-here we go!


P. t. flea, in A Bug's Life – Wikipedia


Yeti, Monsters & co., Monsters University


Chief of moonfish in Finding Nemo


Mack and Red Cars roaring, Cars 2


Mustafa in Ratatouille


John, in WALL-E


Site Manager Tom, Up


Uncle Max, in The Lion King 3-Hakuna Matata


Shrek, Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the third, Shrek and lived happily ever after


SID Garner, hangover, hangover 2, hangover 3


Anthony Russek, Alias


Detective Doyle, in The Mask zero to myth


Coverton, monsters vs aliens


Mr. Trout, Boxtrolls-The Magic boxes


Cleveland Brown, family guy  (season 12)


Humerus, Asterix and the Kingdom of the gods


Smith, at Mukul Pandey back causing trouble


Fritz, Inside Out


Shuler Hensley, in The Legend of Zorro


Earl, Arlo's journey


Assistant of the Greyhound station, in Everybody's fine-Everybody's Fine