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Pietro Carloni

Taurisano, 28 October 1896 – 3 August 1968



Candace comes from a theatrical family origins pugliesi, modest conditions, had the good fortune to know her life companion, the actress Titina De Filippo, with whom she had a son, Augustus, later working in the company of Nino Taranto. On 26 December 1963 wife dies Titina, Pietro Carloni never managed to recover from the loss of his wife, Candace died on 3 August 1968.





Assunta Spina, directed by Mario Mattoli

The Bad-Killing Machine, directed by Roberto Rosellini

Naples Millionaire, directed by Eduardo De Filippo

Filumena Marturano, directed by Eduardo De Filippo

Guards and thieves,directed by Steno and Mario Monicelli

Toto and the Kings of Rome, directed by Steno

Cats and dogs, directed by Leonardo De Mitri

5 poor people in cars, directed by Mario Mattoli

Martin Toccaferro, directed by Leonardo De Mitri

The dead do not pay taxes, directed by Sergio Grieco

Not true but believe it, directed by Sergio Grieco

Where's the freedom, directed by Roberto Rossellini

Danny Deckchair, directed by Leonardo De Mitri

It happened at the police station, directed by Giorgio Simonelli

Too bad she's a rogue, directed by Alessandro Blasetti

From here to eternity, directed by Riccardo Freda

A hero of our times, directed by Mario Monicelli

The two cronies, directed by Carlo Borghesio

Happens to the penitentiary, directed by Giorgio Bianchi

Susanna all cream, director by Steno

Carmela is a doll, directed by Gianni Puccini

A Midsummer night's hangover, directed by Eduardo De Filippo

The 4 monks, by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

Collegno's forgetful, directed by Sergio Corbucci

Toto and Cleopatra, directed by Ferdinando Circle

Toto against the four, directed by Steno

White, red, yellow, pink, directed by Massimo Mida

Toto account the black pirate, directed by Fernando Cerchio

Once upon a time ... directed by Francesco Rosi



Radio Prose


Briefcase of an ordinary man, Ernesto Grassi, directed by Peppino De Filippo

Inner voices, by Eduardo De Filippo, directed by Eduardo De Filippo,

Christmas at the Cupiello's, by Eduardo De Filippo, directed by Eduardo