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Omero Antonutti

Basiliano, 3 August 1935



Theatre, film actor but also a voice actor, Omero Antonutti eclectic Italian cinema is one of the figures. His career began in 1966 with movie pleasant nights with Vittorio Gassman, in 1974 is part of the cast of Process for Direct and Make Yourself Alive, the police will not intervene, is hired by the brothers Taviani brothers for the film Father Master in the role of Gavino Ledda. The collaboration with the Taviani brothers continues for other productions such as Kaos and The Night of St. LawrenceAbdulla is also appreciated as a voice actor. 




1966/ Pleasant nights, directed by Luciano Lucignani and Armando Crspino

1974/ Process for Direct, directed by Lucio De Caro

1974/ Make the police alive : police will  not intervenes, directed by Giovanni Fago

1974/ Year one, directed by Roberto Rossellini

1975/ The Sunday woman, directed by Luigi Comencini

1977/ Father Master, directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

1980/ The Verdad Sobre el Case Savolta, directed by Antonio Drove

1980/ Alexander the great, directed by Tehodoros Agelopoulos

1980/ Matlosa, directed by Villi Hermann

1982/ The Night of St. Lawrence, directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

1983/ Basileus Quartet, directed by Fabio Carpi

1983/ El Surdirected by Victor Erice

1983/ lI Deserter, directed by Giuliana Berlinquer

1984/ Kaos, directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

1985/ Golfo de Vizcaya, directed by Javier Rebollo

1987/ Rumbo Norte, directed by José Ganga

1987/ Good Morning Babilonia, directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

1988/ The Vision of the Sabbath, directed by Marco Bellocchio

1988/ Weight in gold, directed by Carlos Saura

1989/ Bankomatt, directed by Villi Hermann

1990/ Sandino, directed by Miguel Littin

1991/ Solitud, directed by Romà Guardiet

1991/ A simple story, directed by Emidio Greco

1992/ El Maestro de Esgrima, directed by Pedro Olea

1993/ The Greek Labyrinth, directed by Rafael Alcázar

1994/ Farinelli-Voice Queen, directed by Gèrad Corbiau

1995/ Ordinary hero, directed by Michele Placido

1996/ The frontier, directed by Franco Giraldi

1997/ The third moon, directed by Matteo Bellinelli

1997/ Translationdirected by Guido Ganesan

1998/ You Laugh, directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

2000/ On the beach and across from the pier, directed by Giovanni Fago

2000/ You Laugh, directed by Miguel Littin

2002/ The bankers of God, directed by Giuseppe Ferrara

2006/ N-I and Napoleon, directed by Paolo Virzì

2007/ The Girl of the Lake, directed by Andrea Molaioli

2008/ Miracle at Saint Annadirected by Spike Lee

2011/ Boogie Woogiedirected by Andrea Frezza

2012/ Novel of a massacre, directed by Marco Tulio Giordana

2013/ Welcome President, directed by Riccardo Milani





1970/ One of the last Carnival Evenings, directed by Luigi Squarzina

1973/ ESPdirected by Daniele D'anza, scripted TV

1978/ Dirty hands, directed by Elio Petri

1979/ Clothing the naked, directed by Luigi Filippo D'Amico

1980/ Forbidden Notebook, directed by Marco Leto

1982/ Green

1984/ My kid can't read, directed by Franco Giraldi

1994/ Genesis: the creation and the flood, by Ermanno Olmi

1996/ After the storm, directed by Andrea and Antonio Frazzi

1997/ Fatima, directed by Fabrizio Costa

1998/ The Burned House, directed by Massimo Spano

1999/ Crystal-a Christmas story, directed by Nick Zoccaro

1999/ Shadows, directed by Cinzia TH Torrini

2000/ How When It Rains Out, directed by Mario Monicelli

2000/ Mary, daughter of his Son, directed by Fabrizio Costa

2001/ Without boundaries, directed by Fabrizio Costa

2004/ Homicide, directed by Riccardo Milani

2005/ Sacco & Vanzettidirected by Fabrizio Costa

2007/ The pirate Marco Pantanidirected by Claudio Bonivento

2008/ Rebecca Wife, directed by Riccardo Milani




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