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Nino Crisman

( Trieste 15 October 1911 – Roma, 27 November 1983 )



Nino Crisman, real name Ettore Krisman, was born in Trieste on 27 October 1911, after graduating in economics and business, entered the Naval Academy, from which comes with the rank of officer. 

Then enter in Rome at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, and graduated in 1938. The first film in 1939, the Department store, called by Mario Camerini. In the years ' 50 starts to work as an organizer of film production and as a producer on behalf of some businesses like the Napoleon Film or movie Napoleon, and the Beaver movie.



Filmography Actor


The conquest of the air, Romolo Marcellini, 1939

Department stores, by Mario Mattoli, 1939

Backstory, directed by Alessandro Blasetti, 1939

Dora Nelson, by Mario Soldati, 1939

The man in the novel, by Mario Bonnard, 1940

Arditi civili, di Domenico Gambino, 1940

The bridge of sighs, by Mario Bonnard, 1940

La gerla di papà Martin, Mario Bonnard, 1940

The siege of the Alcazar, by Augusto Genina, 1940

Caravaggio, the Cursed Painter, by Goffredo Alessandrini, 1941

The last combat , 1941

Pia de ' Tolomei, by Esodo Pratelli, 1941

Shiver, by Giacomo Gentilomo, 1941

The fugitive, 1941

No parking, by Marcello Albani, 1941

I want to live like this, by Mario Mattoli, 1942

Ribs, by Romolo Marcellini, 1941

The Two Foscari, by Enrico Fulchignoni, 1942

Malombra, by Mario Soldati, 1942

Two hearts, by Carlo Borghesio, 1943

Macario against,

Sinners, by Flavio Calzavara, 1945

The smugglers of the sea, by Roberto Bianchi Montero, 1948

If I were Congressman, by Giorgio Simonelli, 1949

The two Madonnas, by Enzo di Gianni and Giorgio Simonelli, 1949

The worst years of our lives, by Mario Amendola, 1949

Turri the Bandit, by Enzo Trapani, 1950

I am the Capataz, by Giorgio Simonelli, 1950

Angela, by Edoardo Anton and Dennis O'Keefe, 195

X 3 operation dynamite, by Henri Decoin, 1957

The black devil, Sergio Grieco, 1957

The Agra life, by Carlo Lizzani, 1964

The secret war, by Carlo Lizzani, 1965

El Greco, by Luciano Salce 1966

Bandits in Milan, directed by Carlo Lizzani, 1968




The Seven Dwarfs to the Rescue, by Paolo William Tamburella, 1951

Don Giovanni's Master, by Milton Krims, 1954

The beautiful legs of Sabrina, by Camillo Mastrocinque, 1959

Short loves in Palma de Mallorca, by Giorgio Bianchi, 1959

Hands up, by Giorgio Bianchi, 1961

Liolà, by Alessandro Blasetti, 1963

The Agra life, by Carlo Lizzani, 1964

Wake up and die, by Carlo Lizzani, 1966

Sitting to his right, by Valerio Zurlini, 1968

Rosolino Paternò soldier, by Nanni Loy, 1970

Roma bene, by Carlo Lizzani, 1971

Joe Valachi-I segreti di Cosa Nostra, by Terence Young, 1972

The bare-breasted warriors, by Terence Young, 1973

Crazy Joe, by Carlo Lizzani, 1974