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Nino Bonanni

(28 February 1905 – 3 March 1975 in Rome)



Nino Bonanni, real name Gaetano Bonanni, was an actor and voice actor. 18 years in the theater, debut and joins the company of Checco Durante. Just after the war began his career as a voice actor. In 1956 he joined the Italian Communist Party, PCI, but afterwards not renewing its membership and approaches social democratic positions.




Romance, 1923

Fabiola, 1923 

Julius Caesar, 1928

The bon's soul, compagnia di Checco Durante, 1938-1939

Damn that day, compagnia di Checco durante, 1938-1939

Bernardina doesn't let the idiot, compagnia di Checco Durante, 1938-1939

Treasure island, RAI television drama, 1959





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