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Michele Abruzzo

29 December 1904 – Catania, 18 November 1996



His acting career began at the age of 14 in the company of actor Giovanni Grasso (tragic actor Carpenter). After the death of Angelo Musco shape with Rosina Anselmi a theater company.

Natural heir of the same Musco, takes the Repertoire to fit (for example Liolà by Luigi Pirandello).  National is critically acclaimed for her performances is that dramatic. For his merits artists was appointed Knight Grand Cross of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, high honour conferred by the President of the Republic. In the years ' 50 leaves the company formed along with Rosina Anselmi to form their own company.       

In 1952 he founded together with Turi Ferro, Umberto Spadaro, Rosolino Bua and Rosina Anselmi, the Ente Teatro di Sicilia, became the Teatro Stabile di Catania. Debuted very young into the world of cinema with the silent film A law directed by Elvira Notari  he made his debut in talkies as the protagonist in the movie by Mario Mattoli did a Mr.a , opposite Rosina Abdul Rahman. In 1984 plays the role of the Prosecutor in scripted by Damiano Damiani, The Octopus 






1920/  In law, directed by Elvira Notari 

1938/ A lady did it, directed by Mario Mattoli 

1947/ The Knights by black masks ( I Beati Paoli) , directed by Pino Mercanti

1952/ I chose love, directed by Mario Zampi 

1955/ The world will be our (El expreso de Andalucía), directed by Francisco Rovira Beleta 

1957/ Iron class, directed by Turi Vasile 

1957/ The waif of Pompei, directed by Giacomo Gentilomo 

1961/ Pastasciutta on the desert, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia 

1963/ Crazy Sea, directed by Renato Castellani

1965/ Made in Italy, episodes from the work and the graduate in law, directed by Nanni Loy 

1969/ A case of conscience, directed by Giovanni Grimaldi 

1972/ Violence: Fifth Power, directed by Florestano Vancini 

1972/ The Pisciotta Case, directed by Eriprando Visconti

1974/ My God how I fell down!, directed by Luigi Comencini 

1974/ The crush, directed by Alfredo Malfatti 

1975/ The engagement, directed by Giovanni Grimaldi 

1984/ The Octopus