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Maurizio Arena

Rome December 1933 – 21 November 1979



Maurizio chose the surname Arena in homage to actress Anna Arena, his name is born Maurizio Di Lorenzo. Arena knows success thanks to the trilogy Poor but beautifulBeautiful but PoorPoor Millionaires. 

Tried again the way of directing, but unfortunately without success. In 1960 produces and plays the movie Prince Stem, in which casting include the mother and father. Had an affair with Princess Beatrice of Savoy, the history that created a scandal at the time. Arena began to put on weight and the cinema was called for only a few character parts. He worked also in the song, but without success, in 1974 at his Villa in Casal Palocco in Rome begins to work as a healer, becoming a regular guest on a live broadcast by Maurizio Costanzo "Aquarium", which was published a book, which was a collection of letters from patients.

Dies at the age of 45 years because of a cardiac arrest at his Villa in Casal Paolocco. 



Filmography Director



1960/ The Prince Stalk

1967/ Others, others and Ourselves  



 Actor Filmography


1952/ The Devil's Daughter

1952/ Beauty in Motoscooterdirected by Carlo Campogalliani

1953/ Villa Borghese, directed by Vittorio De Sica and Gianni Franciolini

1953/ The Wolf

1953/ Roman Holiday, directed by William Wyler

1953/ Torment of Soul, directed by Cesare Barlacchi

1953/ We are all tenants, directed by Mario Mattoli  

1954/ Day to Pretura,directed by Steno

1954/ Peppino and the Old Lady, directed by Emma Gramatica and Piero Ballerini

1954/ Tripoli, beautiful Suol d'Amore,directed by Ferruccio Cerio

1955/ Roman Tales, directed by Gianni Franciolini

1955/ The Sign of Venus, directed by Dino Risi

1955/ Toto and Carolina, directed by Mario Monicelli

1955/ The Door of  Dreams, directed by Angelo D'Alessandro

1955/ A Broken Lily, directed by Giorgio Walter Chili

1955/ Trial of Love, directed by Enzo Liberti

1956 / Happened by Night, directed by Gian Paolo Callegari

1956/ Blood of Gypsy, directed by Maria Basaglia

1956/ Naples, Sole Mio!

1956/ Time of Villeggiatura,directed by Antonio Raccioppi

1956/ Poor but Beautiful, directed by Dino Risi

1957/ Holidays in Ischia, directed by Mario Camerini

1957/ An Angel Has Dropped in Brooklyn, directed by Ladislao, Vajda

1957/ The Black Devil

1957/ Belle but Poor, directed by Dino Risi

1957/ Good Morning First Love, directed by Marino Girolami and Antonio Momplet

1957/ The Coco of Mom, directed by Mauro Morassi

1958/ Sailors, Women and Trouble, directed by Giorgio Simonelli

1958/ Valeria Girl Little Serious,directed by Guido Malatesta

1958/ Italians Are Mad, directed by Duilio Coletti

1958/ Corporal of Day, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

1958/ Love and Trouble, directed by Angelo Dorigo

1958/ Easy Man, directed by Paolo Heusch

1958/ Away with... Parawind,directed by Mario Costa

1959/ The Oklahoma Terror, directed by Mario Amendola

1959/ The Duchess of St Lucia, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero

1959/ Polycarp, Writing Officer, directed by Mario Soldati

1959/ Adventure in Capri, directed by Giuseppe Lipartite

1959/ Sympathetic Rascal,directed by Mario Amendola

1959/ The Magistrate, directed by Luigi Zampa  

1959/ Poor Millionaires, directed by Dino Risi

1960/ We Are Two Evasidirected by Giorgio Simonelli

1960/ Prince Fusto, directed by Maurizio Arena

1960/ What Do You Say?, directed by Silvio Amadio

1961/ The Carabiniere on Horse, directed by Carlo Lizzani

1961/ Blond mub man sein auf Capri

1961/ The Magnificent 7, directed by Marino Girolami

1961/ The Soliti Robbers in Milan, directed by Giulio Petroni

1961/ Fra' Manisco Seeks Trouble, directed by Armando William Tamburella

1962/ March or Crack, directed by Frank Wisbar

1963/ The Shortest Day, directed by Sergio Corbucci

1964/ The Escape,directed by Paolo Spinola

1964/ Via Veneto, directed by Giuseppe Lipartiti

1965/ The Dollsepisode The Treaty of Eugenics

1967/ The Beijing Seal

1967/ The Others, The Others and Us

1968/  X-ray of a Golden Shot  

1971/ Er More – Story of Love and Knife

1971/ Mazzabubù... How many Horns are down here?

1972/ History of Fifa and Knife – Er Followed by Er More

1973/ Even if I wanted to work, what do I do?

1973/ The Murder Matteotti, directed by Florestano Vancini

1973/ Godfather's Godfather

1973/ Company with Very Limited Responsibilities, directed by Paolo Bianchini

1974/ History of Brothers and De Cortelli

1974/ For Loving Ophelia, directed by Flavio Mogherini

1974/ The Balloon Seller, directed by Mario Gariazzo

1975/ Shot in Canna, directed by Fernando Di Leo

1975/ Rome Drogata: The Police Can'tIntervene, directed by Lucio Marcaccini

1975/ The Dream of Zorro

1976/ Unclean Acts to The Italian

1976/ Go with the Smooth, directed by Giancarlo Nicotra

1976/ White Phones, directed by Dino Risi

1976/ Whore Galera!, directed by Gianfranco Piccioli

1976/ Remo and Romulus – Story of Two Sons of a Wolf

1976/ La Mistress is Served, directed by Mario Lanfranchi

1977/ The Bidonata, directed by Luciano Ercoli

1978/ Fists, Dollars and Spinach


It has been doubled by :


Ferruccio Amendola on holidays in Ischia; Er More – Story of Love and Knife; To love Ophelia; Canna Shot; History of Brothers and De Cortelli; Company with Very Limited Responsibilities. 


Pino Locchi on We Are All Tenants; Adventure in Carpi; the Oklahoma Terror; Fra' Manisco Seeks Trouble; The Magistrate; Poor Millionaires


Giuseppe Rinaldi on Love and Trouble; Sailors, Women and Trouble 


Massimo Turci on Totò and Carolina


Sergio Fantoni on Poor but Belli


Cesare Barbetti on  Belle but Poor


Gianfranco Bellini on The Carabiniere on Horse


Glauco Honored on  The Matteotti Murder