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Marisa Allasio, stage name Maria Luisa Allasio

Turin, 14 July 1936


Daughter of Federico Allasio, giacotore of Genoa and Turin, runs eight films but the character that the audience remembers is that of Jeanne in poor but beautiful and nice but poorLeave the cinema in 1958, she married count Pier Francesco Calvi di Bergolo, son of Princess Yolanda Margherita of Savoy, daughter of Victor Emmanuel II and Elena of Montenegro, with whom he goes to live in the castle of Pomaro Monferrato, Piedmont. She was elected Councillor in the lists of the Liberal Party, from his marriage to the Earl has two sons, Carlo Giorgio Dmitri Drago Maria Laetitia, and Anda Federica Angelica Maria. Towards the late 1970s he moved to Sydney to go to live in the hamlet of Valley Mothers in the Park of Villa Ada, former residence of the Savoy. It will remain there until 2000, until the city of Rome after a long complex lawsuit, takes possession of the area that the Allasio and her husband had received in loan from the Savoy family, and that he had kept after parting with the count .






Forgive me!, Mario Costa (1953)

Sunday heroes, by Mario Camerini (1953)

Tragic Ballad, directed by Luigi Capuano (1954)

Mother's heart, directed by Luigi Capuano (1954)

Eighteen-year-olds, directed by Mario Mattoli (1955)

Nowadays Girls, directed by Luigi Zampa (1955)

War and peace, directed by King Vidor (1956)

Maruzzella, directed by Luigi Capuano (1956)

Poor but beautiful, Dino Risi (1957)

Beautiful but poor, Dino Risi (1957)

Camping, Franco Zeffirelli (1957)

The slaves of Carthage, directed by Guido Brignone (1957) 

Marisa the Owl, Mauro Bolognini (1957)

Susanna all cream, Steno (1957) 

Goodbye Rome, directed by Roy Rowland (1958)

Carmela is a doll, directed by Gianni Puccini (1958)

Naked as God created them, directed by Hans Schott-Schöbinger (1958)


She was voiced by


Maria Pia Di Meo in Tragic Ballad, Girls nowadays, Poor but beautiful, Beautiful but poor, Marisa the Owl, Venice, The Moon and You

Luisella Visconti in Maruzzella, slaves of Carthage, Carmela is a doll, Camping

Miranda Bonasea in Eighteen-year-olds

Fiorella Betti in Goodbye Rome