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Mario Bonnard

(21 June 1889-22 March 1965, Rome)


Younger brother of composer Julius Bonnard, begins as silent film actor, participating in numerous films, creating a recurring character, a type of Italian Dandies that inspire you to Ettore Petrolini speck of latin lover Gladstone. The first Director with movies the other me, and While the audience laughs, where he directs Ettore Petroini. After working for a few years in Germany, in Italy, back in 32 runs several films, portrayed by Assia Noris, Elsa Merlini, Amedeo Nazzari, Luisa Ferida, Enrico Viarisio, the most famous of which is the Fierce SaladinBetween ' 42 and ' 43 runs Ahead there is room, subject of Aldo Fabrizi and Cesare Zavattini, and Campo de' Fiori, with Fabrizi and Anna Magnani. After the war he directed: Fra Diavolo, and Packer historical plots the bridge of sighsa city of sadness, and the last days of Pompeii, paused movie to a illness and then completed by Sergio Leone.


Director Filmography


Luxury train (1917)

The other I (1917)

While the public Ridand (1919)

Dad Lebonnard (1920)

Il Milione (1920)

The red and black (1920)

The friend (1920)

I Promessi Sposi (1922)

The laughing Mask (1924)

Die Sünderin (1928)

Mountain riders (Der Sohn der weißen Berge) -(1929)

Fra Diavolo (1931)

Five Zero (1932)

The Treaty Passed Away (1933)

The Wedding March (1934)

Territorial Militia (1935)

The tree of Adam (1936)

Il Feroce Saladino (1937)

The Earl of Bréchard (1938)

Jeanne Doré (1938)

Thirty seconds of love (1938)

Frenzy (1939)

Daddy for one night (1939)

I am your father (1939)

The maiden of Portici (1940)

La Gerla di papà Martin (1940)

The bridge of sighs (1940)

The King has fun (1941)

The man of the novel (1941)

Marco Visconti (1941)