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Luciana Angiolillo, stage name of Luciana Snows

(Born 22 December 1925)



She was noticed by Director Luciano Emmer, made her film debut, as the protagonist of the movie Camilla of 1954, will work together with Gabriele Ferzetti, the next year will be Vittorio Sala her back in front of the camera as a mannequin in WomenShe plays in 1962 part of the estranged wife of Bruno, Overtaking Dino Risi. In the mid-' 60, to undertake the task of Director of a fashion house. 

From 1947 to 1958 she was married to the journalist Giuseppe Gaetano Angiolillo, son of Renato Angiolillo, founder and editor of the newspaper Il TempoFrom this Union was born Renato Angiolillo Junior. Secondly, after the annulment of his first marriage, shifted the Professor Dr. Mario Tellini, Chief of the San Filippo Neri hospital, Rome.




1954/ Camilla, by Luciano Emmer

1954/ The great adventure of Mario Pisu

1954/ Vergine Moderna, by Marcello Pagliero

1955/ There is no greater love, by Giorgio Bianchi

1955/ Single women, by Vittorio De Sala

1958/ First love, directed by Mario Camerini

1959/ Côte d'Azur, by Vittorio Sala 

1959/ Le Notti dei Teddy Boys, Leopoldo Savona

1960/ The Queen of the Amazons, by Vittorio Sala

1961/ Girl with a suitcase, by Valerio Zurlini

1961/ Ercole alla Conquista di Atlantide, Vittorio Cottafavi

1961/ The Trojan war, by Giorgio Ferroni

1962/ Il Sorpasso, directed by Dino Risi 

1962/ Solo Contro Roma, Herbert Wise

1962/ Clutter, by Franco Brusati

1964/ The train on Saturday, by Vittorio Sala

1964/ My love, by Raffaello Matarazzo

1964/ The obsession, by Gianni Puccini

1964/ The two Public Hazards, by Lucio Fulci

1965/ Berlin-appointment for the spies, by Vittorio Sala

1966/ Hell in Caracas, by Marcello Baldi

1967/ The eye SelvagThu, by Paolo Cavara

1967/ At any cost, directed by Giuliano Montaldo